Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WEEK #2 Cool Week in Guatemala!


August 19, 2014

So we placed a Book of Mormon this week to this kid named Hermon!  It was sweet!  Are roomate left the key in the room and it was locked so we were locked out and so we went to the temple to have some guy open our door.  While we were at the temple this girl came up to us with her friend Hermon and said he wasn't a member and wanted to know about the church!  So we talked with him and gave him the book of mormon.  We asked him why he wanted to know about our church and he said cause he likes the feeling he gets when he's around the temple.  It's different and he liked it!  such a cool opputunity!  god has his hand in everything.  Even if it means locking us out of our room so we could give a Book of Mormon out to Hermon.  I hope everything goes well with him!!  My spanish is improving a ton.  I can get my point across to everyone what i'm trying to say pretty much about anything.  Sometime my conjugation is off or I'll use a wrong word but I'm doing tons better!  Thanks for all the prayers back at home!  We had a fast for 4 days from english and that was super hard.  But it forces you to use all you know about spanish so it helped me out a lot too!

Me and my companion

We heard from a member of the 70 this week!  it was really cool.  He talked about being bold declaring the gospel!  He said that whenever an opportunity comes around for you to share about the gospel take it!  don't let any opportunity pass! A cool thing he said to us was you get to serve the lord for 2 years and in return he serves you for the rest of your life!  We only have 2 years to represent Christ and grow and then the rest of our lives to think about it!

I hope everyone is doing well at home!  I'm gonna try to send some pictures.. will see if they'll download to this computer haha

Love Elder Hunt

the wall is of soldiers that little children draw whos dads are in the military.  It's really cool.

I love my district

Cool fountain


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