Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WEEK #77 Santa Cruz De Yojoa!!

Hey everyone!  Its honestly been a crazy week.  Full of new places, people, and adventures.  Probably one of the craziest weeks of my mission.  Just lots of new stuff going on with the changes we had and everything!  This new area that I'm in is awesome!  I went from a hot, dry, flat, dusty place to the beautiful mountains of Yojoa.  Its so awesome here.  Its nice and cold!  The scenery and new views here are amazing.  It kind of reminds me a little bit of Santa Barbara but a nicer more civilized version.  My new companion is dope as well!  Hes a nice, positive, outgoing guy!  He was born here in Tegusigalpa, Honduras but moved to Guatemala when he was 14.  He speaks like perfect English as well and its super fun being comps with him!!  Were both assigned here as the Zone Leaders of the Yojoa Zone.  Its my first change as Zone Leader so hes showing me the ins and outs.  Super crazy.  Our zone is pretty big and we get to travel around alot to do divisions with other Elders and interview the District Leaders baptisms.  Ive been loving being able to travel around tons and see all the pretty sights around, and meet new people!  But ya its been a crazy week getting situated in the new house and trying to figure tons of stuff out.  The members here are super cool though.  This is probably one of the best wards Ive been in with members actually giving us tons of refferals and helping us out tons!  Good stuff.

We traveled a lot this week having to go to Villanueva like 3 times for different conferences and such.  We had the opportunity on Wednesday to hear from Missionary Executive Deparment of the Church and it was really inspiring everything that they said!  I loved it all and learned a ton!  On Friday me and my comp went to Mochito which is clear out in the middle of no where to do baptismal interviews for the DL there.  Ive always wanted to go to Mochito cause Ive heard that its super beautiful and nice and cold.  So it was fun being able to finally go there and see it!  We had to take a Taxi to get out of Santa Cruz then we took a Bus down to Joyoa from there we took a moto taxi to Rio Lindo and we waited for a bus to take us to Las Vegas and then we had to take another moto taxi up in the mountains to a little rural spot in Mochito.  and we had to take the same route out on the way back!  so that was a super fun experience.  soo pretty.  honestly an adventure!  on the way back we found some white people on the bus a dude and 2 girls and so we started talking with them and found out they were from the Netherlands!  they spoke pretty good English and it was funny cause I approached them saying hola como estan? and the girl was like no hablo espanol.  super funny hearing that.  but they were super interested in what young people like us were doing and so we were able to have a great conversation with them about the church and the Restoration and they said that they are going to go attend church when they get back to see how it is and find out more in the Netherlands!!  Hopefully it goes well with them!

Sunday was pretty crazy as well cause we had to give a capacitation to the whole Stake of Villanueva and all their leaders.  There was about 150 people listening to us as we introduced the new mission plan and vision that we had for the Stake.  Kind of nerve wracking to be honest but cool.  If you all recall I was in Villanueva like 7 months ago in the Ward El Plan.  So it was super cool cause i was able to see a bunch of my good friends and the members from my old ward and it was a great experience seeing them all!  Its funny cause after 7 months of not seeing them a lot of them had changed.  Like they looked different.  Which makes me wonder after 2 years of not seeing all of you guys hows it gonna be?  hahaha well we will see I guess.  So anyway cant really remember all the other stuff that happened this week.  Just lots of big and new exciting things going on!  Also it changes it was super cool to be able to see all my buddies from the mish!  weird cause lots of my buddies went home.  time is flying by way too fast.  

Anyway I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!  Enjoy the snow!!  Ill try to write more details next week and send pics.  Just got to get a grip on things this week!

Love Elder Hunt        

WEEK #76 Adios Trincheras

Hey, how are ya??  Hope you all had a great week and that your all enjoying the cold and falling snow!!  I dream about that stuff haha!  But still blazing hot over here!!  Soo got some news last night that I have transfers and am heading out of Trincheras!  Im excited and happy about it for the most part cause ive been here for quite a long time (6 months) and Im ready to see new sights, meet new people, and have new experiences.  Changes are always fresh and exciting!  But Its been really cool getting to know such amazing people and being a part of their family and being able to see the changes in soo many people over this period of time and feeling their love for me as Ive been here in Trincheras!  Ive definitely made some great memories and friends that are gonna be with me forever!  Kinda sad having to leave everyone but Im just stoked and excited to be starting a new chapter of my mission!  Just time to hit it harder than ever with everything Ive learned over my mission!!  Bring it all to the table and not hold anything back!!  But ya next week Ill be writing all of you from a new location and with a new comp and hope its all the best!!
This week was a good one to end of Trincheras!!  I was super happy with the turnout we had on Sunday!!  Lots of less actives that weve been working with and investigators as well were able to come and we had our church assistance higher than ever!  Highest Ive seen it in my 6 months here!  So that was really rewarding to see my last week here!  I hope it just continues to go up!  Also just feel good leaving some investigators here that I know are going to be ready for baptism this next change and the change after.  Hope the new guys will be pilas and excited to get at it with all the investigators we have!!  Leave it better than you found it!!
Something else that was really cool this week is that I was able to baptismal interview 2 people on Friday to see if they were ready for baptism!  They both passed good and it was amazing to me to be able to feel the spiritual promptings that came from the Holy Ghost to let me know what to say and more than anything at the end to tell me Yes with both of them.  The 1st one was a 13 year old boy and he was just soo excited about being baptized and the 2nd one that night was an 28 year old man who just had a killer testimony of the Gospel and was sooo ready and excited for his baptism and already looking forward to going to the temple in the future!!  It was so awesome to just see his testimony burning and it was a great experience for us both.
Well we'll see where these changes take me!!  Cant wait to tell you all where Im at next week!!  Lots of my good buddies are ending the mish right now like my comp Elder Ririe and its pretty crazy stuff.  Just gotta live it up while your out here cause time is flying by so fast!!   Love you all!!  Have a great week!! 
Love Elder Hunt    

Monday, January 11, 2016

WEEK #75 Sica

Well looks like there's a new Virus out that comes from Mosquitos..  Gotta love it haha first it was Dengue (which I got) and then it was Chickenguya, and now its the SICA.  The Sica has been pegging everyone down here and it got my comp this week.  Kinda blows cause with Sica you get a high fever and your bones ache and then you get a mad rash all over your body and it makes you super itchy.  Soo lets pray I don't get that but ya poor comp.  We had to take a break this week during the final days of the week so that he could rest and try to get better.

Umm so ya this week was chill.  Not much to report other than the comp being sick.  So pray for him that he can continue to get better please.  Had interviews with President and such and it went really good!  He just makes you feel like the best person ever.  I love President!  Umm our investigator Jose Luis is progressing really good!  He has friends in the church and we were able to brotherhood him even more this week.  His little daughter loved church sooo much last week that she was bothering him every day asking if it was Sunday already.  and he kept on saying no and finally asked her why and she said cause I wanna go to church again!!  so that's was really cool!  hes likes the church as well!!  but bummer cause he cant go for 3 weeks straight cause of his work schedule!!

But ya that was about it!  Kind of boring week.  Sorry that there wasn't much to report!  This is my last week here though in Trincheras so I'm gonna be saying goodbye to everyone and we will see what happens next week!  I'm excited though!!  been here for 6 months now and ready for a change of scenery and new experiences and challenges!!  loved it here though no complaints!

Alright well have a very good week all of you!! Love you guys ton!!  Hope your all accomplishing your goals!!

Love Elder Haden

p.s. I'll try to send loads of photos next week! but here's one of the beach!!  enjoy!  haha flippy

2 p.s. i can eat Jalapenos now and it doesn't bother me hahaha #mexicano

WEEK #74 Vision

Hey everybody!  Happy New Years!!  I hope you were all able to pass it well and have a good time welcoming the New Years in.  I honestly love New Years cause its a good time to take a good look at your life and see your weak points and try to figure out how to improve them.  Its a great time to leave bad habits in the past and replace them with good ones.  A good time to leave all the bad behind and look forward to the future and have a vision of what you want to become.  I hope you all were able to come up with some goals for this new year on what you can improve to be the best you that you can be.  To achieve your full potential wherever you are at in life.  These goals can be for in the church, in your work, in your personal life, or in your family.  But whatever you have come up with make sure to write it down and put some specifics on it about how your gonna accomplish it, when, and then start doing it!  There's a 20-80 rule which means that the first 20 percent that you put into a goal getting it started and planning it out well will usually have a great determining factor on how the rest or the other 80 percent goes.  That wants to say that if you start off super strong and make plans and get your goal going chances are that you will be able to do really well with that goal in the long run!  So get started!!  Also make sure to put down the most important goals first and ask yourself if I could only do 1 thing before leaving on a trip for 3 months what 1 thing what I get done or what 1 goal would I try to accomplish before leaving.  Whatever it is jump on that goal first and tackle it!!  Get it done!!  I hope we can all write down our goals and have a great new year!  Lets all make the changes and be the people that we've said we've wanted to be for the past couple of years!!  Lets Go!!!

Sweet.  So for New Years we ate sooo many good things.  I think it may have won Christmas.  We started off the 31st eating a Pork Leg that was cooked in a huge oven and it was sooo juicy and delicious.  Probably my favorite meal of the month!!  Then we went to another house and had some Carne Asada that was also delish.  Then we finished off the night going to another members house that gave us Lasagna.  Pretty descent.  But it was like a Thanksgiving day.  Love getting fed by members!!  Then we stayed at the members house and were able to watch the neighbors and everyone in the street light off the MONO its also called the MUNECA.  What it is is they stuff up a dummy and it looks kinda like a scare crow accept for it stuffed up with bombs and fireworks and firecrackers.   Then at 12 o clock they light it off and get far away from it and then it started burning and ka boomed.  Tons of explosions and fireworks flying everywhere.  It was awesome!!  Made sure to have some sparkling cider as well!

With investigators we were able to have some pretty good results and turn outs this week!  Lots showed up for church including our new guy Jose Luis and his family!!  Hes super pilas and loved the church and everything!!  Super legit!   Also found about this little kid named Jorge from the Primary that is the little brother of a 14 year old kid named Jose short story is that Jose is the only member of his family but he loves the church and goes every week and has brought his little brother for the last couple of years and his little brother Jorge just turned 8 and wants to get  baptized so they talked with us this Sunday!!  so were gonna start going with the little guy and make sure hes solid for his baptism!  cute little guy!!  fun stuff!!

Anyways that's about it for this week.  We went to the beach today and it was cool.  Full of garbage and trash and rubbish and stuff from all the parties of Christmas and New Years but we had some fun throwing the Pig Skin and me flipping.  Still got it.  but I've lost form for sure!!  got burnt which is sweet!  anyway gotta head out now but I love all of you guys and hope you all kill it with your goals this year!!  Oh ya i got like 6 months left hahaha.. CRAZY.  See you in July!!

Love Elder Hunt

WEEK #73 Feliz Ano Nuevo

Hey hows it going everybody??  Hope you all had a Merry White Christmas and that you all enjoyed the heaps of snow!  It looked sooo good!!  Your all soo lucky!  While you all had your heaters going for Christmas we all had our fans running full blast and were trying not to sweat, cause it was super hot this week!!  But it definitely was a Christmas for the books!  One that Ill never forget!  We had a ton of fun and enjoyed sharing with others!

We had a Ward Christmas Dinner this week that was super delish!  Olaf even came!!  We saw lots of acts and dances and singing!  We even got to sing ourselves!  Threw on the Santa Hats and sang some Silent Night mixed with some Noche de Luz!  It sounded pretty legit for being kinda last minute!  Food was great though and we had a fun time hanging with the members and enjoying the Christmas spirit!!  Had some investigators there which was cool as well!

Thursday night was super cool!  Throughout the whole day we just went to the members houses and they gave us lots of Ticucos and Tamales and Sandwiches!!  Also Wednesday night another threw my comp a birthday party with cake and sandwiches it was dope!  It was fun being able to eat soo much food and go from one appointment to the other getting stuffed, it was basically Thanksgiving!  After about 4 Ticucos (basically are tamales) and 2 Tamales and 1 sandwich we went to our final appointment of the night and it was super cool.  I had (with the help of my parents) got some gifts for this poor family that doesn't have much and their 2 twin daughters and 8 year old daughter who just got out of the Hospital some little toys and gifts!  We went over there in the night and I dressed up kinda like Santa Clause and brought all the gifts wrapped into their house saying HOHOHO Feliz Navidad and jingling my keys!  They were so excited and I put all the gifts under the tree and just seeing the looks on their faces was priceless!!  Then the member gave us a nice turkey dinner cause he wanted to do something super nice for us as well.  It was sooo delicious and somehow we were able to get all that food down without problems!  

Then the 24th in the night was pretty crazy again!  As soon as 12 o clock rolled around the whole night sky lit up with fireworks and firecrackers and booms and bangs and colors and chinese lanterns!  It was super legit!  Alot cooler than Santa Barbara last year cause there were definitely more fireworks going off and commotion!  Cant wait for New Years as well!!  I'd imagine that being in a war zone would kinda feel like the 24th or 31st just lots of lights and booms and bangs everywhere!  Pretty cool stuff!

Christmas day was soo goood as well!  We all had a zone activity in the morning to play some games, exchange some gifts and watch some videos together and focus in on the true meaning of Christmas even more!!  It was pretty cool and then my favorite part of the day was being able to talk with my family!!  It was soo fun!  I enjoyed every second!  Its different here in Honduras cause basically no one is a Christmas fanatic and so it was great being able to share the same enthusiasm for Christmas with my family!  Love those guys!!

Anyway really cool week and had some great experiences!  Wish I could tell you everything with all the details but this letter is getting too long haha!  Hope you all had a Holly Jolly Christmas and that you have a Happy New Years as well!!  Make some goals, set your priorities, tackle the most important goals first and just stick with it!!  Hope you all enjoy the fresh new start of the year and that you can all set some great goals for your lives!!  I'm stoked about mine!!  Love you all and have a great week!!  Have fun in the snow!!  2016!!!  Lets Go!!

Love Elder Hunt

WEEK #72 Merry Christmas!

Well I hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday season and that you have been enjoying the company of each other and the Love that's in the air.  I hope your all enjoying the mountain of snow that's been falling and been having fun in it!  For me there's no better time than the Holiday Seasons and more than anything I just love how people just seem to be more friendly and filled with the spirit of Christmas!  One cool thing about the word Christmas that I saw this year and that Ive heard before but had long forgotten is that you can seperate the word Christ and Mas the word mas in Spanish means more so what we are really kind of saying is More Christ and with more Christ in our lives I think that's exactly why we tend to be happier around this time of the year!  As we are serving and helping others around us and doing what Christ would do if he were here, we will have his spirit more with us and because Christ is a jolly, happy person when we have his spirit we too will feel the same!  So I hope you all can take time to give a helping hand even if its the littlest thing and that you can take President Monson's invitation to just take a couple silent moments to think about the Savior and his birth and just to feel of his warmth.

This last week was pretty crazy to be honest and we found lots of cool new people.  Had some good progress with a couple of our investigators and it was a good week for sure!!  Hard to remember exactly what happened.  Funny thing is that we had about 10 people that were telling us without a doubt they would be coming to church this Sunday and everyone of them had an excuse the day of.  So kind of a bummer there but just glad to have been able to find some pretty cool people this week including 1 girl that is just sooo ready!!  She basically baptism challenged herself at the end of the lesson and got choked up crying feeling the spirit as we were watching the Christmas videos.  I really hope she and the others will be able to progress.  Just kind of hard with Christmas and everyone leaving to their Villiage in the south from where they are from.  Almost all of Choloma is from a Village from the South and they all leave to go there for Christmas to spend it with their family!  So hopefully everything will turn out great when they all get back!  

I'm pretty excited about all the food we are going to be eating this week!!  We'll see if we can beat the Tamale record from last year when we ended up getting like 30 tamales in total!  My stomach is finally ready for some more but it took me like a year to be craving these things again!!  Went a little overload last year!!  But will see what new food we get to try this year!!

This Sunday was my comps birthday and we surprised him for sure!!  Ended up throwing like 3 surprise parties in the end!! 2 on Sunday and 1 on Monday and he had no idea!!  For my Birthday here in the mish I got one cake a couple days after my Birthday and he got 3!!  Made sure to spoil him with the members for his Birthday!  It was a memorable one for sure!!  He was super happy and felt so special.  Soo that was pretty cool!! Ill make sure to send some pics next week!

Soo ya!  Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and that you can think about Christ more and reach out to others in small acts of kindness!  I sure love every single one of you and miss you all tons!!  Gonna enjoy my last Christmas here in Honduras in the 90ish degree weather, (its been super hot lately) and for me I'm just grateful to be a missionary serving the Lord and helping others the best I can!  I'm grateful to be closer to Christ than I ever have and to feel of his warmth and love for me.  I've felt great joy in being able to serve others this Christmas and helping to give people a Christmas that they've never had!  I know that God lives.  I know that he loves us.  I know that because of his love for us he sent his son about 2000 years ago to the earth to save us and redeem us and to make us more than we can be by ourselves.  The baby that was born in Bethlehem changed the world for forever and offers us all hope and a new life.  I know that Christ lives and that he directs this church today through his prophet.  May we all strive to put Christ in the center of our lives and strive to be more like him every day!!

I love you all soo much!  Merry Christmas!!

Love Elder Haden

WEEK #71 Happy Holidays!

Hey whats up guys??  Hows everything going?  Hope your all having a great holiday season and that your enjoying the snow and the music and the Christmas Spirit!

Well gonna keep this one shorter but this week was crazy good!!  Were just going so hard right now and never been happier!!  We've been contacting like crazy and just getting at it!!  Had some amazing progress with our investigators this week.  Had a good turn out at church and lots showed up and we were able to find some really cool people this week that were just waiting to here us!!  

Probably one of the coolest things about this week was a Conference that we had with President Duncan one of the General Authorities.  He just basically answered like all of the questions Ive had for the last 5 months about how to be a better more efficient missionary and wow I learned sooo much!  It was sooo great!!  Were all just so stoked about the work right now and just know how to do it so much better now.  Me and my boy Elder Wight have been talking a lot about this stuff lately that Pres. Duncan talked about like having a vision and setting goals and making plans to fulfill everything and Duncan just helped us soo much to fill in the little gaps or spaces that we didnt know!!  Sooo legit.  feel like the mission just got put on another level.  great things are gonna happen.

Alright just a little funny thing that happened this week for yall.  We were outside with the kids of Dennis and Olga and one of the kids was playing on their clothes line its like elastic and plastic and he was swinging on it and it was barely holding him up.  so my comp had the great idea to tell 3 of the kids to try swinging on it at the same time and so they were like ya lets do it.  and there older brother was like its not gonna support you guys and they were like ya it will so they counted to 3 and jumped and swung and the line collapsed and they all landed flat on their backs and it was honestly so hilarious.  they just laughed and the youngest one got upset for a sec but was fine.  the funniest thing though was just that they were like it will hold us and their faces when they fell, and seeing their faces after.  sooo funny you all should have seen it!!

alright well just super happy right now and glad to be out here serving a mission, helping others come unto Christ.  This message that we share needs to be given to all people especially during this time of the year when there gonna listen more and when their hearts are more open.  Crazy that one small child that was born long ago  in a foreign land changed the world.  we too can change the world and lives of others by sharing this gospel with them.  sooo do it!!  there is not a bigger or greater blessing we can give!!  He is the gift that gives all year long.  He is risen and he guides our church today!!  Love you all and have a great week enjoy the heap ton of snow in the mountains.  Jealous.  Make every second count!!

Love Elder Hunt  

WEEK #70 It's a Wonderful Life

Hey guys!  So looks like were in December again!  Crazy how fast this year has gone.. honestly hard to believe how fast the time is flying.  This week last year I was stricken down with Dengue and in bed all week in Santa Barbara getting fed bean soup and tortillas.  hahaha just grateful this year to be healthy right now and working hard.  but just crazy to think where I was last year and what I was doing as opposed to this year and just remembering all the good times and experiences from last Christmas!  good stuff.

Well what can I say about this week.. it was a real good one for sure!  I forgot my planner so I cant remember everything but the coolest part of this week for sure was the baptism we had of my little dude Jefferson!  It was such a great spiritual experience.  Made me so happy to see him just absolutely lit up and never gonna forget the look on his face as we were listening to the talks before his baptism and he was just sitting in his chair looking at everyone that was there supporting him!  It was a really good turn out cause his whole family was there including the non member older brothers of his family and they were all supporting him in what he was doing.  He was just sitting there looking at all of them and had the biggest smile on his face and I think it was probably the first time that his family has supported him like that and he must have felt just so special!  I was just so stoked for him and his righteous desire to follow the Savior!!  My comp did the ordinance and was pretty nervous doing it for the first time and excited for his first baptism on his mission!!  It was just too cool how well everything went down and the Spirit was just there!  We watched the Restoration video as they were changing in the bathroom and man I know it was just so good for his older brothers to see that and the spirit was just undeniable.  The Restoration is real.  It happened.  It was necessary.  God loves us.  Also seeing little Jefferson getting confirmed Sunday was so cool as well!  He just looked so happy again and just such a good little guy! 

Anyways our other investigators are progressing little by little!  Finding some new stuff in the meantime!!  Life is good!  I'm happy!  Kid is doing good as well and starting to enjoy the mission a lot more!  Looks like I'm gonna be here in Trincheras for 6 months but its a good spot to be stuck 6 months in my opinion!  I love it here!  This new change I'm gonna just work this area like none other.  Its go time!!  Anyways that was about it for this week!  Hope your all having a great Holiday Season!  Its my favorite time of the year!!  Make sure to enjoy spending time with family and being charitable to those who are in need.  Also if you didn't see the Christmas Devotional make sure to watch it it was excellent!!  Really puts you in the Christmas spirit!! Love all of you!  Thanks for your support and love and motivation always!!

Love Elder Haden

P.S. bought a hammock this week and found the dopest spot up top for it.  ill send a pic.  its amazing.

WEEK #69 Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone so hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Week and that you ate tons of Turkey and Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing and Pie!  I haven't seen that stuff in 2 years now haha.  Bummer that Thanksgiving doesnt exist everywhere.  Nah but had a good time here regardless!  The weather was nice and cool here this week and it rained a ton!  Monday we got done with a Family Home Evening and came home in a storm.  The roads were flooded with water and we got soooaked from head to foot.  So we since we were already wet to take some sweet fotos in the rain and in the street before going in.  Ill make sure to send some haha, but ya had a good time in the rain.  Only bummer part is that I got sick Wednesday with the Cold and was super sick for Thanksgiving haha.  But it turned out to be a good Thanksgiving.  I tried to sleep off the cold in the morning and we went out after lunch but the family we went to was just like trying to give me medicine to take and telling me to go home and sleep some more.  So we did but were able to get out to The Thanksgiving Dinner appointment at 7 with Miguels family!  It was pretty legit.  He made us some type of meat kind of like steak and rice and salad complimented with tortillas like always!!  But it was pretty dang good and it was very nice of him to do that for me!  His wife made us do a Thankful circle as well and it was cool being there with everyone saying what we are grateful for!  Being here just makes me realize that we have so much to be grateful for and that we really don't have anything to complain about.  Being out here on the mission is a very humbling experience for sure.  Played some Scum and UNO as well with the family and the other Elders that live with us.  Very simple, humble, nice Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed it!

The quote of the day from Thanksgiving definitely had to be from a kid named Anderson Ramirez he said ( su familia en casa comiendo pavo y usted aca comiendo frijoles )  which means like (your family at home eating Turkey and you here eating beans )  pretty funny.  But too true.  

But ya pretty simple week, nothing much happened.  We keep on having ups and downs with our investigators.  Mainly just having problems with couples and one person wants to get baptized but the other is in complete objection and then they wont get married cause the other one doesn't want her husband or his wife to get baptized.. etc.  Getting my hopes up a lot with these guys and then beat down and then up again and then slowly down and then back to normal and ya just trying to have patience and do my best.  If you guys have any ideas on how to help couples to love one another and respect the decision of the other please let me know.  I would love more advise on the subject.  The members are starting to help us out more which is good!!  Cant do this work without them!

This Saturday we should be having the baptism of Jefferson!  Hes this little guy and is 9 years old his family are members but his mom was inactive for a while and not wanting him to get baptized but now things are better and we've been teaching him for like a month now!  So I'm excited for a baptism this Saturday!  Gonna be cool!!  His family is super awesome as well and were still working with Rosa his Sister in Law to get her baptized but shes having a little bit of trouble with her Husband as I mentioned earlier!!  Please pray for us and for them that there hearts will be softened!!  

Alright well sure love you guys!!  Hope your having a great Holiday Season!!  Talk to you next week!!  Enjoy the snow!  

Love Elder Hunt


WEEK #68 Happy Turkey Week

Well everybody it was a very crazy week!!  Lots of stuff happening here!!  The weather was nice this week!  Off and on rain but the storms aren't too big just nice enough to cool you down and make the temperature very bearable!!  Loving the weather right now and me and my comp got some twinner umbrellas so we kinda look like JWs carrying those around with us everywhere.  Hope you all have a great Turkey Week and that you all eat tons of good American food!  Gonna be eating dinner with a member this week for Thanksgiving and he said hes gonna cook up a ton of meat so hopefully it turns out good!!  I'm excited!!

Alright stuff that happened this week.  Lots of stuff.  On Monday night we went with Moses and we were talking for a while with him about a lot of stuff and then we were having to leave and as we were about to get up and leave, but then he opened up to us a ton and told us that he really likes the church and feels strongly to join it.. but that his wife is holding him back!  So hes gonna talk with her some and keep reading in the Book of Mormon always and were going to go with him this week and see how he is doing with his wife and everything!!  I really hope that she will be able to calm down and let him do what he desires!!

On Tuesday we had another lesson with Dennis and Olga and we finally taught them L1 The Restoration and they loved it and understood it pretty well!!  He had to work again this week, and she was sick and couldn't come but their 2 little kids came!!  They are so cute!  Ill have to send pics next week of them!!  Hoping to make a lot of progress with this family this week!!

Wednesday was a cool day cause all the trainers and their kids got to go to San Pedro Sula for a capacitation for all the newbies.  So I got to hang out with a ton of my buddies from the mission like McNeely and Cerros and Hadley and a bunch more it was so fun being able to talk with them and see how things are going with their kids and just talking for a while!!  Had a blast!!

THURSDAY was the coolest day of all!!  MY CONVERT DONY FROM LAST YEAR IN PUERTO CORTES GOT HIS MISSION CALL AND I WAS ABLE TO OPEN IT WITH HIM!!  It was so legit!!  Such a spiritual experience to see just how far the fruits of your work are going to have one of your best buddies and converts going on a mission here soon!!  HES GOING TO THE NICARAGUA MANAGUA NORTH MISSION!!  and he leaves on the 20 of January!!  It was such an exciting time being able to be there with him and open it!!  Such a spiritual and cool experience!!  Something Ill never forget!!

Well the rest of the week was a blur of contacting and finding tons of news!!  Trying to keep everything organized and man its hard!!  But the important thing is were working hard and feeling the spirit in the lessons as we teach literally testifying of the truth of the message to everyone we meet!!  We don't need to be the best teachers we just need the spirit there to testify of what we are saying!!  Its really awesome!!  Okay well I gotta go!!!  Gonna try to send a few photos!!  Love you all and have such a great week!!!  :)  We should all be thankful just for having the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives this week.  I am grateful for that and for my family!!  

Love Elder Hunt

WEEK #67 Rainy

Hey guys hows it going??  We had a good week this week and it rained tons which was sweet!  Finally cooling down haha.  Heard we got some snow in Utah!  Thats awesome!  Miss that stuff..  cant really remember what it feels like.  Been a while.

Cool things happened this week!  Saw some miracles.  Some funny stuff too haha.  Tuesday we had a awesome multi zona conference.  It was so inspiring.  

On Wednesday we were eating lunch with our cocinera lady that makes us lunch always in her pulperia and while we were eating this poor drunk guy came up to us begging us for money.  So we told him that we didnt have money to give him but if he wanted we would buy him some baleadas.  He rejected our offer and again said I just want money.  So we were like sorry mate your out of luck.  So he got on the ground on his knees and looked at my comp and pointed at him with a deathly look in his eyes and said.  You, you, you, not them, but you will be cursed for all of your life and your children and your family and your life will be one of suffering for forever!  He cursed my comp and said tons of other stuff as he was kissing the ground and looking up into the sky and it was so funny!  My comp was scared out of his mind and I was trying to hold back a laugh.  My comp told me after that he was scared to death and we all told him to not worry about it that hes just a crazy drunk and that he has no power to curse him.  My comp was so sketched out after though and kept thinking about that the whole day.  But were good now.  Funny people here though ehh?

Also my comp almost got bit by a dog this week and he jumped behind me for protection and i was ready to kick that thing through a field goal.  It was funny and it rained a ton so we bought some dope sombrillas.

The spirit has been with us very strong in the lessons this week and its helping us a lot to know what to say and we are completely on the same page knowing when to talk and baptism challenge and everything!  Its awesome how the spirit helps us so much.

We had a sweet activity this week Ill send a ton of fotos next week of everything!!  Today we went to the beach of Omoa funny to think I was there like 14 months ago!

We found a family this week that is so ready for the gospel!!  Family of 8 2 parents and 6 kids and they are so poor but were helping them out tons iill tell you all about them next week and how we found them too!!  Sooo coool though!!

Alright gotta go!  Love you all sorry for the short time and jumbled thought letter!!  Got some serious work to do this week!!  Baptisms coming here shortly!!  Church is true!!

Love Elder Hunt

WEEK #66 Going Good

Hey everyone hope you all had a great week!  Mine was pretty legit!  Got some good hard work in and having loads of fun with my kid.  Training is so awesome!  Just hope I can make this guy into the best missionary he can be, he's already helping me to get to another level as well!  Played some basketball this morning with this member from our ward so fun!  He's legit.

So lets see highlights of this week were the following!  Rosas mom got sick like 3 weeks ago and that's been putting a lot of stress on her and she's been really worried about her mom and such and not been able to focus so much on the church and reading and stuff.  But we were able to get here encouraged again this week!  We prayed for her mom at the beginning of the week and she's already starting to get better which is really good and also we watched the video John Tanner with her and she loved it so much and even started crying and it really got her encouraged to be able to start to make little sacrifices in her life and to get going even better towards her baptism!!  Little Jefferson her nephew is also doing real good and is ready to be baptized but we want to do the 2 at the same time the same day cause I think it would be better that way but we'll see what happens!

Our Bishop took us out to Burger King this week and shouted us all whatever we wanted!  Pretty dope!  We did a lot of contacting this week!  If a cita falls we don't waste anytime and just start contacting everyone and their dog.  Getting some stuff started!  We actually found a really cool humble family this week that was just waiting for us to knock on the door.  I can really see them progressing being as the man was just so humble and grateful to be visited by Gods Servants!  They have like 7 kids!  Hopefully, they can accept this gospel!  They need it right now in their lives!

We went with that Evangelical guy that was going all crazy on us last week and this week had a crazy good lesson with him.  The difference is that he actually let us talk and he understood the message really well.  The spirit was there and not contention.  It was so cool.  My comp and I are getting really good at doing the first lesson together!  He has such a cool conversion testimony story.  Really cool to hear.  He wants everyone to serve a mission it's so awesome!  He's only been a member for 3 years now.  Such a cool guy!

My comp Elder Martinez is also super funny with what he says.  He's like always talking about how much better Mexico is than Honduras and saying how people cna't speak here that well and he has such a strong opinion on everyting it's hilarious to hear!

Got some investigators to church this Sunday.  It was good!  Kinda had a fluke stupid thing happen though cause our investigator Will came to church and was locked out of the door as we were taking the Sacrament and he waited outside for a little and as soon as it was over I went out and he had left so we went looking for him on the trail to house but he had gone the opposite way and had a big fluke confusion happen.  Stunk but there's always next week!  Cool thing is that we ate with Moses after church and had a cool talk about the Book of Mormon!  He's a super cool guy!  He's gonna start reading more and gonna pray!

Anyway things are going good here and training is super cool!  Learning a lot and feeling like I'm growing a lot right now more than ever.  The church is true!  God lives and answers our prayers!  Thanks for all of your prayers in my behalf.  I could really feel them this week and thanks for all your support and love always.  It helps tons!  Hope you all have a great week!  Enjoy the Holidays!!  It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

Love Elder Cazador

Saturday, January 2, 2016

WEEK #65 Training!

Hey guys so this week was pretty crazy!  Lots of new things going on!  We found out that we had changes Monday night and that Elder Ririe was leaving and for me that I was going to be training! Pretty exciting!  Tuesday we all just went around saying goodbye to everyone!  Wednesday we went to San Pedro Sula and said goodbye to some of my really good friends that I've made here in the mission that are going home!  Elder Baird, Woods, and Homes!  Sad to see them go!  Soo many good memories with all of them!! Then we all went into a room where all the new guys were waiting!! It was sooo cool reminded me of when I was in there too getting capacitated and not having any clue what was going on!  My comp Elder McNeely from the MTC is training too along with my buds Elder Cerros and Elder Hadley!  It was way cool chilling in there with all of them waiting anxiously to find out who are kid was gonna be! We finally got told and my kids name is Elder Martinez from Mexico!
He's a pretty cool guy!  He has a killer testimony and already knows tons!  Gonna be fun working with him!  He says some funny stuff always comparing his country with Honduras and how much greater Mexico is and such!  He absolutely hates the heat though which is funny cause it's not even the hottest right now!  Funny hearing all about his country though and how the houses are so much better and stuff!  I'm teaching him a lot of English though every moment he gets to ask me what something is in English he does which is really cool!  He really has a desire to learn!  So hopefully I can teach him all that too!  But super excited to be working out here with him!
We had a good week!  It was funny cause his first day with me we had a crazy Evangelical person go off on us about dumb stuff dancing and such and after he was like does that happen often?  He was a little bit spooked and it really happens like once every month or something like that so funny that it happened his first day.  Also, the same day some girls were trying to flirt with us super hard and asking me to get married with one of them and telling me that I was super handsome right after the crazy lesson.  So got out of there fast too.  Funny how that all happened his first day.  Anyway lots of crazy things happening and I'm just trying to get everything put together! Gonna work super hard this week!  I'll tell you all better how everything is going next week1  Love you guys all so much!  Miss you tons!!
Love Elder Hunt

WEEK #64 Trincheras

So I now have two changes here!  Pretty crazy to think about.  Time is just flying by and these 2 changes have been great with my buddy Elder Ririe!  He now has 6 months here so is probably getting changed out!  We will see what happens with changes and all that fun stuff!  Hopefully everything goes smooth!  The weather is off and on kind of hotter this week but for the most part getting rainier and cooler every week.  I like it a lot.
Well my old comp buddy Elder Baird is leaving the mission this week so we had some cool celebrations with him one for his birthday and we all went to Pizza Hut and we had cool little party with some guys from our zone and from Puerto Cortes cool to see my buds always!  We also had a sweet paper football tournament last night1  I went undefeated and then lost twice in the championship to Elder Chankai!  haha super fun though.
So this week we did pretty good!  My comp got sick at the beginning of this week and we were down for a day but got some good work in on Wednesday and on!  We set a baptismal date with Will and he looks really excited about it all and can't wait to get married and baptized!!  He's such a good guy and it was a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation and the Celestial Kingdom and I asked him so now that you know this plan what does it make you want to do and he said makes me want to follow the example of Jesus Christ.  He couldn't of answered it better so I asked well will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized in his church by someone who has the priesthood authority of God.  He said yes and then we put a date with him.  Also had another cool lesson with him and we brought a member and it was way cool!  This member is so stoked to be helping and seeing that Will is stoked about the gospel as well!!
Also our investigator Moses had a very challenging week this week.  His mom died in a motorcycle accident.  So we talked with him about the Plan of Salvation more and about where we go after death and it gave him a lot of comfort and he found it really interesting and wants to know more and more!  Hopefully he can accept this gospel and just feel the assurity that comes with it and the bigger view that it gives us of life and the grand scheme of things!  And the peace and joy that comes with all this knowledge that families can be together forever!
Anyway that was about my week!  Hoping to have lots of new cool stuff to report next week and more progress!!  Keep praying for us please here in Trincheras we need all the help we can get!! Looks like we have changes!  Gonna be cool to see who my new comp is!  LETS GO!!
Love you guys!  Have a great week!  Enjoy the weather and football and such!  Miss you all and talk to you next week!
Love Elder Hunt

WEEK #63 Monos

Hey everyone so this week was pretty good.  We got a lot of good stuff done!  This morning we went and fed some monkeys at a park and it was pretty chill.  But they didn't want bananas which was weird cause it's like monkeys and you automatically think bananas but they liked futbolitos or like cheetos.  It was fun!  Weathers been overcast and rainy this week.  Loving it.
So this week we challenged Will to baptism and he said Yes!  So the next time we go were gonna set a fecha with him and things are looking pretty good for him!!  I'm excited!  Me and Ririe have been making it a point to baptism challenge more cause its somehting we've been failing at doing.  We also are progressing with our dude Moses as well!  Kinda stunk on Wednesday I think cause we were teaching him the Restoration and an inactive member was there trying to help us but just teaching pure apostasy and Moses kept looking at me like what the heck?  This inactive even said that Jesus was a sinner and at that point we were all like who is this dude?  It was alright though cause Moses understands truth and rejects apostasy so he was fine.  We just told him to mainly listen to us.  But we had another cool lesson with him to about the authority and he's understanding really good!  We ate dinner with him as well Saturday night and he invited us for Breakfast in the morning before church so we could desayunar and head off to church together full.  First time I've done that with an investigator.  He really opened up to me at church too and said that he loved it.  Good things in the future for Moses!  He is just a dude that understands truth for truth and has a great capacity of understanding.
This Friday me and my comp went to san Pedro Sula to have his last check up and it was a blast!  We went to all the big stores and bought a lot of stuff.  Went to Juniors and I bought some Golden Puffs they are sooo good!  Went to McDonalds and tried out the McNifica.  Went to Tio Sam which is basically an American Shop they export all american stuff and everything is in english which is weird to see.  We even got permission to go the the City Mall is was so dope.  Checked out some shoes in the Nike Store they're so cool!  Annd my comp is 100 percent now to workout and everything which is awesome!!
We got back on Friday night and went to the church for a Ward Singing Talent Competition thing.  We were just watching and then we got the great idea to sing as well so we hurried up and through something quick together some Jason Meraz I'm Yours.  It was dope and everyone loved it haha.  Pretty funny stuff.
Saturday was a bust.  All the citas dropped and so did my companions sweat rag into black sewer water.  It was hilarious.  Just waiting for a cita and it slipped off his Book of Mormon into black sewer water and I just heard a no no no ahhhh dang it.  Best part of the day haha.
But something good did happen on Saturday which was my Moms birthday!! So Happy Birthday Mom sure love you!  Hope it was great!  I actually did get to go to a little birthday celebration later this night for one of the ward members so that was fun being the same day as my Moms birthday!
Sunday was good.  We had a killer Noche de Hogar (FHE) to end the night and watched 2 videos one about the apostasy and the other the restoration.  These people were just mind blown and actually understood it pretty good and the member bore a killer testimony and well hopefully good things will happen with them!  This was with Rosa and her husband who is not that pilas and another couple who is friends with them!  Anyway hopefully they read the BOM and can pray and do what it says to do in the invitation. We shared Alma 32 with them as well.  Love that scripture about a seed.  All you gotta do is give it a little place to grow and if its a good seed than it will grow and be something delicious for you and you'll know that it's true.  Read, ponder, pray, and act simply put.  Anyway that was about my week!  Good things coming!!
Hope your all having a great fall.  Enjoy the leaves, the mountains, hunting, and the cold for me.  Missing it but there's nowhere I'd rather be than right here in the Trenches of Honduras.
Love Elder Hunt