Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WEEK #76 Adios Trincheras

Hey, how are ya??  Hope you all had a great week and that your all enjoying the cold and falling snow!!  I dream about that stuff haha!  But still blazing hot over here!!  Soo got some news last night that I have transfers and am heading out of Trincheras!  Im excited and happy about it for the most part cause ive been here for quite a long time (6 months) and Im ready to see new sights, meet new people, and have new experiences.  Changes are always fresh and exciting!  But Its been really cool getting to know such amazing people and being a part of their family and being able to see the changes in soo many people over this period of time and feeling their love for me as Ive been here in Trincheras!  Ive definitely made some great memories and friends that are gonna be with me forever!  Kinda sad having to leave everyone but Im just stoked and excited to be starting a new chapter of my mission!  Just time to hit it harder than ever with everything Ive learned over my mission!!  Bring it all to the table and not hold anything back!!  But ya next week Ill be writing all of you from a new location and with a new comp and hope its all the best!!
This week was a good one to end of Trincheras!!  I was super happy with the turnout we had on Sunday!!  Lots of less actives that weve been working with and investigators as well were able to come and we had our church assistance higher than ever!  Highest Ive seen it in my 6 months here!  So that was really rewarding to see my last week here!  I hope it just continues to go up!  Also just feel good leaving some investigators here that I know are going to be ready for baptism this next change and the change after.  Hope the new guys will be pilas and excited to get at it with all the investigators we have!!  Leave it better than you found it!!
Something else that was really cool this week is that I was able to baptismal interview 2 people on Friday to see if they were ready for baptism!  They both passed good and it was amazing to me to be able to feel the spiritual promptings that came from the Holy Ghost to let me know what to say and more than anything at the end to tell me Yes with both of them.  The 1st one was a 13 year old boy and he was just soo excited about being baptized and the 2nd one that night was an 28 year old man who just had a killer testimony of the Gospel and was sooo ready and excited for his baptism and already looking forward to going to the temple in the future!!  It was so awesome to just see his testimony burning and it was a great experience for us both.
Well we'll see where these changes take me!!  Cant wait to tell you all where Im at next week!!  Lots of my good buddies are ending the mish right now like my comp Elder Ririe and its pretty crazy stuff.  Just gotta live it up while your out here cause time is flying by so fast!!   Love you all!!  Have a great week!! 
Love Elder Hunt    

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