Saturday, January 2, 2016

WEEK #63 Monos

Hey everyone so this week was pretty good.  We got a lot of good stuff done!  This morning we went and fed some monkeys at a park and it was pretty chill.  But they didn't want bananas which was weird cause it's like monkeys and you automatically think bananas but they liked futbolitos or like cheetos.  It was fun!  Weathers been overcast and rainy this week.  Loving it.
So this week we challenged Will to baptism and he said Yes!  So the next time we go were gonna set a fecha with him and things are looking pretty good for him!!  I'm excited!  Me and Ririe have been making it a point to baptism challenge more cause its somehting we've been failing at doing.  We also are progressing with our dude Moses as well!  Kinda stunk on Wednesday I think cause we were teaching him the Restoration and an inactive member was there trying to help us but just teaching pure apostasy and Moses kept looking at me like what the heck?  This inactive even said that Jesus was a sinner and at that point we were all like who is this dude?  It was alright though cause Moses understands truth and rejects apostasy so he was fine.  We just told him to mainly listen to us.  But we had another cool lesson with him to about the authority and he's understanding really good!  We ate dinner with him as well Saturday night and he invited us for Breakfast in the morning before church so we could desayunar and head off to church together full.  First time I've done that with an investigator.  He really opened up to me at church too and said that he loved it.  Good things in the future for Moses!  He is just a dude that understands truth for truth and has a great capacity of understanding.
This Friday me and my comp went to san Pedro Sula to have his last check up and it was a blast!  We went to all the big stores and bought a lot of stuff.  Went to Juniors and I bought some Golden Puffs they are sooo good!  Went to McDonalds and tried out the McNifica.  Went to Tio Sam which is basically an American Shop they export all american stuff and everything is in english which is weird to see.  We even got permission to go the the City Mall is was so dope.  Checked out some shoes in the Nike Store they're so cool!  Annd my comp is 100 percent now to workout and everything which is awesome!!
We got back on Friday night and went to the church for a Ward Singing Talent Competition thing.  We were just watching and then we got the great idea to sing as well so we hurried up and through something quick together some Jason Meraz I'm Yours.  It was dope and everyone loved it haha.  Pretty funny stuff.
Saturday was a bust.  All the citas dropped and so did my companions sweat rag into black sewer water.  It was hilarious.  Just waiting for a cita and it slipped off his Book of Mormon into black sewer water and I just heard a no no no ahhhh dang it.  Best part of the day haha.
But something good did happen on Saturday which was my Moms birthday!! So Happy Birthday Mom sure love you!  Hope it was great!  I actually did get to go to a little birthday celebration later this night for one of the ward members so that was fun being the same day as my Moms birthday!
Sunday was good.  We had a killer Noche de Hogar (FHE) to end the night and watched 2 videos one about the apostasy and the other the restoration.  These people were just mind blown and actually understood it pretty good and the member bore a killer testimony and well hopefully good things will happen with them!  This was with Rosa and her husband who is not that pilas and another couple who is friends with them!  Anyway hopefully they read the BOM and can pray and do what it says to do in the invitation. We shared Alma 32 with them as well.  Love that scripture about a seed.  All you gotta do is give it a little place to grow and if its a good seed than it will grow and be something delicious for you and you'll know that it's true.  Read, ponder, pray, and act simply put.  Anyway that was about my week!  Good things coming!!
Hope your all having a great fall.  Enjoy the leaves, the mountains, hunting, and the cold for me.  Missing it but there's nowhere I'd rather be than right here in the Trenches of Honduras.
Love Elder Hunt

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