Monday, January 11, 2016

WEEK #71 Happy Holidays!

Hey whats up guys??  Hows everything going?  Hope your all having a great holiday season and that your enjoying the snow and the music and the Christmas Spirit!

Well gonna keep this one shorter but this week was crazy good!!  Were just going so hard right now and never been happier!!  We've been contacting like crazy and just getting at it!!  Had some amazing progress with our investigators this week.  Had a good turn out at church and lots showed up and we were able to find some really cool people this week that were just waiting to here us!!  

Probably one of the coolest things about this week was a Conference that we had with President Duncan one of the General Authorities.  He just basically answered like all of the questions Ive had for the last 5 months about how to be a better more efficient missionary and wow I learned sooo much!  It was sooo great!!  Were all just so stoked about the work right now and just know how to do it so much better now.  Me and my boy Elder Wight have been talking a lot about this stuff lately that Pres. Duncan talked about like having a vision and setting goals and making plans to fulfill everything and Duncan just helped us soo much to fill in the little gaps or spaces that we didnt know!!  Sooo legit.  feel like the mission just got put on another level.  great things are gonna happen.

Alright just a little funny thing that happened this week for yall.  We were outside with the kids of Dennis and Olga and one of the kids was playing on their clothes line its like elastic and plastic and he was swinging on it and it was barely holding him up.  so my comp had the great idea to tell 3 of the kids to try swinging on it at the same time and so they were like ya lets do it.  and there older brother was like its not gonna support you guys and they were like ya it will so they counted to 3 and jumped and swung and the line collapsed and they all landed flat on their backs and it was honestly so hilarious.  they just laughed and the youngest one got upset for a sec but was fine.  the funniest thing though was just that they were like it will hold us and their faces when they fell, and seeing their faces after.  sooo funny you all should have seen it!!

alright well just super happy right now and glad to be out here serving a mission, helping others come unto Christ.  This message that we share needs to be given to all people especially during this time of the year when there gonna listen more and when their hearts are more open.  Crazy that one small child that was born long ago  in a foreign land changed the world.  we too can change the world and lives of others by sharing this gospel with them.  sooo do it!!  there is not a bigger or greater blessing we can give!!  He is the gift that gives all year long.  He is risen and he guides our church today!!  Love you all and have a great week enjoy the heap ton of snow in the mountains.  Jealous.  Make every second count!!

Love Elder Hunt  

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