Monday, January 11, 2016

WEEK #74 Vision

Hey everybody!  Happy New Years!!  I hope you were all able to pass it well and have a good time welcoming the New Years in.  I honestly love New Years cause its a good time to take a good look at your life and see your weak points and try to figure out how to improve them.  Its a great time to leave bad habits in the past and replace them with good ones.  A good time to leave all the bad behind and look forward to the future and have a vision of what you want to become.  I hope you all were able to come up with some goals for this new year on what you can improve to be the best you that you can be.  To achieve your full potential wherever you are at in life.  These goals can be for in the church, in your work, in your personal life, or in your family.  But whatever you have come up with make sure to write it down and put some specifics on it about how your gonna accomplish it, when, and then start doing it!  There's a 20-80 rule which means that the first 20 percent that you put into a goal getting it started and planning it out well will usually have a great determining factor on how the rest or the other 80 percent goes.  That wants to say that if you start off super strong and make plans and get your goal going chances are that you will be able to do really well with that goal in the long run!  So get started!!  Also make sure to put down the most important goals first and ask yourself if I could only do 1 thing before leaving on a trip for 3 months what 1 thing what I get done or what 1 goal would I try to accomplish before leaving.  Whatever it is jump on that goal first and tackle it!!  Get it done!!  I hope we can all write down our goals and have a great new year!  Lets all make the changes and be the people that we've said we've wanted to be for the past couple of years!!  Lets Go!!!

Sweet.  So for New Years we ate sooo many good things.  I think it may have won Christmas.  We started off the 31st eating a Pork Leg that was cooked in a huge oven and it was sooo juicy and delicious.  Probably my favorite meal of the month!!  Then we went to another house and had some Carne Asada that was also delish.  Then we finished off the night going to another members house that gave us Lasagna.  Pretty descent.  But it was like a Thanksgiving day.  Love getting fed by members!!  Then we stayed at the members house and were able to watch the neighbors and everyone in the street light off the MONO its also called the MUNECA.  What it is is they stuff up a dummy and it looks kinda like a scare crow accept for it stuffed up with bombs and fireworks and firecrackers.   Then at 12 o clock they light it off and get far away from it and then it started burning and ka boomed.  Tons of explosions and fireworks flying everywhere.  It was awesome!!  Made sure to have some sparkling cider as well!

With investigators we were able to have some pretty good results and turn outs this week!  Lots showed up for church including our new guy Jose Luis and his family!!  Hes super pilas and loved the church and everything!!  Super legit!   Also found about this little kid named Jorge from the Primary that is the little brother of a 14 year old kid named Jose short story is that Jose is the only member of his family but he loves the church and goes every week and has brought his little brother for the last couple of years and his little brother Jorge just turned 8 and wants to get  baptized so they talked with us this Sunday!!  so were gonna start going with the little guy and make sure hes solid for his baptism!  cute little guy!!  fun stuff!!

Anyways that's about it for this week.  We went to the beach today and it was cool.  Full of garbage and trash and rubbish and stuff from all the parties of Christmas and New Years but we had some fun throwing the Pig Skin and me flipping.  Still got it.  but I've lost form for sure!!  got burnt which is sweet!  anyway gotta head out now but I love all of you guys and hope you all kill it with your goals this year!!  Oh ya i got like 6 months left hahaha.. CRAZY.  See you in July!!

Love Elder Hunt

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