Monday, January 11, 2016

WEEK #69 Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone so hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Week and that you ate tons of Turkey and Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing and Pie!  I haven't seen that stuff in 2 years now haha.  Bummer that Thanksgiving doesnt exist everywhere.  Nah but had a good time here regardless!  The weather was nice and cool here this week and it rained a ton!  Monday we got done with a Family Home Evening and came home in a storm.  The roads were flooded with water and we got soooaked from head to foot.  So we since we were already wet to take some sweet fotos in the rain and in the street before going in.  Ill make sure to send some haha, but ya had a good time in the rain.  Only bummer part is that I got sick Wednesday with the Cold and was super sick for Thanksgiving haha.  But it turned out to be a good Thanksgiving.  I tried to sleep off the cold in the morning and we went out after lunch but the family we went to was just like trying to give me medicine to take and telling me to go home and sleep some more.  So we did but were able to get out to The Thanksgiving Dinner appointment at 7 with Miguels family!  It was pretty legit.  He made us some type of meat kind of like steak and rice and salad complimented with tortillas like always!!  But it was pretty dang good and it was very nice of him to do that for me!  His wife made us do a Thankful circle as well and it was cool being there with everyone saying what we are grateful for!  Being here just makes me realize that we have so much to be grateful for and that we really don't have anything to complain about.  Being out here on the mission is a very humbling experience for sure.  Played some Scum and UNO as well with the family and the other Elders that live with us.  Very simple, humble, nice Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed it!

The quote of the day from Thanksgiving definitely had to be from a kid named Anderson Ramirez he said ( su familia en casa comiendo pavo y usted aca comiendo frijoles )  which means like (your family at home eating Turkey and you here eating beans )  pretty funny.  But too true.  

But ya pretty simple week, nothing much happened.  We keep on having ups and downs with our investigators.  Mainly just having problems with couples and one person wants to get baptized but the other is in complete objection and then they wont get married cause the other one doesn't want her husband or his wife to get baptized.. etc.  Getting my hopes up a lot with these guys and then beat down and then up again and then slowly down and then back to normal and ya just trying to have patience and do my best.  If you guys have any ideas on how to help couples to love one another and respect the decision of the other please let me know.  I would love more advise on the subject.  The members are starting to help us out more which is good!!  Cant do this work without them!

This Saturday we should be having the baptism of Jefferson!  Hes this little guy and is 9 years old his family are members but his mom was inactive for a while and not wanting him to get baptized but now things are better and we've been teaching him for like a month now!  So I'm excited for a baptism this Saturday!  Gonna be cool!!  His family is super awesome as well and were still working with Rosa his Sister in Law to get her baptized but shes having a little bit of trouble with her Husband as I mentioned earlier!!  Please pray for us and for them that there hearts will be softened!!  

Alright well sure love you guys!!  Hope your having a great Holiday Season!!  Talk to you next week!!  Enjoy the snow!  

Love Elder Hunt


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