Monday, January 11, 2016

WEEK #68 Happy Turkey Week

Well everybody it was a very crazy week!!  Lots of stuff happening here!!  The weather was nice this week!  Off and on rain but the storms aren't too big just nice enough to cool you down and make the temperature very bearable!!  Loving the weather right now and me and my comp got some twinner umbrellas so we kinda look like JWs carrying those around with us everywhere.  Hope you all have a great Turkey Week and that you all eat tons of good American food!  Gonna be eating dinner with a member this week for Thanksgiving and he said hes gonna cook up a ton of meat so hopefully it turns out good!!  I'm excited!!

Alright stuff that happened this week.  Lots of stuff.  On Monday night we went with Moses and we were talking for a while with him about a lot of stuff and then we were having to leave and as we were about to get up and leave, but then he opened up to us a ton and told us that he really likes the church and feels strongly to join it.. but that his wife is holding him back!  So hes gonna talk with her some and keep reading in the Book of Mormon always and were going to go with him this week and see how he is doing with his wife and everything!!  I really hope that she will be able to calm down and let him do what he desires!!

On Tuesday we had another lesson with Dennis and Olga and we finally taught them L1 The Restoration and they loved it and understood it pretty well!!  He had to work again this week, and she was sick and couldn't come but their 2 little kids came!!  They are so cute!  Ill have to send pics next week of them!!  Hoping to make a lot of progress with this family this week!!

Wednesday was a cool day cause all the trainers and their kids got to go to San Pedro Sula for a capacitation for all the newbies.  So I got to hang out with a ton of my buddies from the mission like McNeely and Cerros and Hadley and a bunch more it was so fun being able to talk with them and see how things are going with their kids and just talking for a while!!  Had a blast!!

THURSDAY was the coolest day of all!!  MY CONVERT DONY FROM LAST YEAR IN PUERTO CORTES GOT HIS MISSION CALL AND I WAS ABLE TO OPEN IT WITH HIM!!  It was so legit!!  Such a spiritual experience to see just how far the fruits of your work are going to have one of your best buddies and converts going on a mission here soon!!  HES GOING TO THE NICARAGUA MANAGUA NORTH MISSION!!  and he leaves on the 20 of January!!  It was such an exciting time being able to be there with him and open it!!  Such a spiritual and cool experience!!  Something Ill never forget!!

Well the rest of the week was a blur of contacting and finding tons of news!!  Trying to keep everything organized and man its hard!!  But the important thing is were working hard and feeling the spirit in the lessons as we teach literally testifying of the truth of the message to everyone we meet!!  We don't need to be the best teachers we just need the spirit there to testify of what we are saying!!  Its really awesome!!  Okay well I gotta go!!!  Gonna try to send a few photos!!  Love you all and have such a great week!!!  :)  We should all be thankful just for having the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives this week.  I am grateful for that and for my family!!  

Love Elder Hunt

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