Monday, January 11, 2016

WEEK #67 Rainy

Hey guys hows it going??  We had a good week this week and it rained tons which was sweet!  Finally cooling down haha.  Heard we got some snow in Utah!  Thats awesome!  Miss that stuff..  cant really remember what it feels like.  Been a while.

Cool things happened this week!  Saw some miracles.  Some funny stuff too haha.  Tuesday we had a awesome multi zona conference.  It was so inspiring.  

On Wednesday we were eating lunch with our cocinera lady that makes us lunch always in her pulperia and while we were eating this poor drunk guy came up to us begging us for money.  So we told him that we didnt have money to give him but if he wanted we would buy him some baleadas.  He rejected our offer and again said I just want money.  So we were like sorry mate your out of luck.  So he got on the ground on his knees and looked at my comp and pointed at him with a deathly look in his eyes and said.  You, you, you, not them, but you will be cursed for all of your life and your children and your family and your life will be one of suffering for forever!  He cursed my comp and said tons of other stuff as he was kissing the ground and looking up into the sky and it was so funny!  My comp was scared out of his mind and I was trying to hold back a laugh.  My comp told me after that he was scared to death and we all told him to not worry about it that hes just a crazy drunk and that he has no power to curse him.  My comp was so sketched out after though and kept thinking about that the whole day.  But were good now.  Funny people here though ehh?

Also my comp almost got bit by a dog this week and he jumped behind me for protection and i was ready to kick that thing through a field goal.  It was funny and it rained a ton so we bought some dope sombrillas.

The spirit has been with us very strong in the lessons this week and its helping us a lot to know what to say and we are completely on the same page knowing when to talk and baptism challenge and everything!  Its awesome how the spirit helps us so much.

We had a sweet activity this week Ill send a ton of fotos next week of everything!!  Today we went to the beach of Omoa funny to think I was there like 14 months ago!

We found a family this week that is so ready for the gospel!!  Family of 8 2 parents and 6 kids and they are so poor but were helping them out tons iill tell you all about them next week and how we found them too!!  Sooo coool though!!

Alright gotta go!  Love you all sorry for the short time and jumbled thought letter!!  Got some serious work to do this week!!  Baptisms coming here shortly!!  Church is true!!

Love Elder Hunt

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