Monday, October 27, 2014

WEEK #12 Interesting Week!!

My nice gringo sunburn!  "OUCH!"
Well this week at home i would have been hunting with my family and four wheeling and finishing up with the football season and such.  I just want to say congratulations to my little brother for shooting his first deer!!  They have a word here in the mission called baggy and whenever your thinking about home or talking about home everyone says Esta baggy?  so ya i was kind of baggy with the deer hunt and such this week.. but i know this is where i'm supposed to be!!

Visiting Castillo de Omoa- "I'm on top of the world"
To start off this week my companion told me one night that the President would be coming with us on our appointments the next day from 1 to 6!!  So i was kind of nervous.. because my Spanish still isn't the greatest, but i was excited also because my President is so awesome!  He reminds me of my dad.  He is a very knowledgable, spiritual, humble man.  The day turned out great.  President was able to meet with Julia and we taught the Restoration again for the 5th time and I finally think she understands why a restoration was needed and that this church is the only true church on the earth today.  It seems so simple in my head the need for a restoration but a lot of these people down here and i guess all around the earth can't get the concept.  Satan has really done a good job of fogging peoples minds so they can't see the truth.  But one thing I learned from the President is how important teaching with the spirit is.  I can usually feel the spirit in our lessons, but with the President there the spirit was so strong and I knew that our investigators could feel it too.  Another huge thing I learned from President is how important it is to share the gospel even when someone looks like they are busy or even if they are busy.  This is an example he spoke of for you at home who work among those that aren't members.  If the people that we work with at work aren't members and they work 6 days  week and have one day off working 10 hour days they will never have an oppurtunity to hear the gospel unless you talk to them.  A lot of times we are timid in dealing with those that we work with.  But if we dont talk to them.. they are never gonna hear the gospel.  Just something to think about!  

Tenemos que irnos- I guess it's okay that my son is getting beat up by an old lady with this kind of view:)
The next part is just a funny story that happened this week.   We were walking over the bridge like we usually do and at the bottom of the bridge there was this old lady probably 70 all dressed in white and had white hair and a white cane in her hand.  My companion said hello to her as we were walking by and she looked up and saw me and my companion and started yelling at us.  We just kept on walking like we do when people yell at us and I looked back and she was trying to catch up with us and yelling hey you!! your an american, true?  and then she hit me with her cane in the arm and i was like oh freak.  Then she hit me again and said you think your better than me or something!  My companion moved in front of me so he could take the hits, but she only wanted to hit me and so my companion was like Caminar Rapido!!  So we walked away quickly from her and she was trying to chase us but was too old to do so.  My companion said that she was using very strong words against us.  haha so that was pretty cool.  I can now say that an old lady has beat me up!  haha not really she was just hitting my arm and it wasnt bad at all.  pretty crazy old lady haha.

Marla's baptism day:) How cute is she?!!!
Too finish we had a baptism this week!!  It was the daughter of Kenya!!  My companion was gonna baptize her but he didn't have his baptismal pants.. he lost them somewhere in his mission and mine don't fit him cause i'm a whole head taller so he told me to baptize her.  he's such a nice guy.  he said it doesn't matter who does it as long as it gets done!  So true, but hopefully his new pants get here in the next route!  Marla the daughter of Kenya was so excited to be baptized and was so happy!  I love this work!  I hope you are all doing great at home!!  Try to find your friends that are not members and invite them to church!  It can't hurt!  Love you all!  Heres some pics of this week!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WEEK #11 Bautism de Dony!

Haden took soccer balls to give to the kids- he was so excited to get this!
So this week was really good!  We had changes this week but nothing happened with me and my companion.  We are still here in El Centro and doing great!   The new Elders and Hermanas are really cool and pretty funny.  The only other white guy in my apartment left though so now it's me and 3 latinos.  They are all really funny though! The water wasn't working one morning and it was raining really hard so we all went ouside of our apartment and took a shower in the rain!

Dony's baptism- what a beautiful day!
We had Dony's baptism this week!  It went great!  He showed up early like Kenya did and was all ready to go.  The water was green again because of all this rain but it was good.  This baptism was at 4 in the afternoon instead of at 8 in the morning so lots of  people from the ward were there and it felt more like a baptism like they are at home with lots of people there.  I performed the service and it was so awesome and spiritual.  Nothing quite like the joy you feel from from missionary work and being a tool in the hand of the Lord.  We also found 7 new investigators this week!  Four of them look to be pretty solid so I'll let you know how that goes!

In church this Sunday we didn't have any new investigators show up but had Julia, Angie, and Kenya along with her daughter and Dony.  The daughter of Kenya is getting baptized this Saturday and I'm super excited for that.  She is loving the church, except for one little girl who said she has a face like a dog, but this girl also makes fun of me and being a gringo all the time so I told her not to worry about it!  She's such a pretty girl.

So the goal for the week, if there's ever  a new member or investigator in the church which is rare in our ward at least, make sure they feel welcome!  Also, look for mission opportunities everywhere to share the gospel!  Read the scriptures every day and always strive to serve others and be like Christ!

Love you all!
Elder Hunt

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WEEK #10 My First Baptism!

Well this week was amazing!!  I had the privilege of getting to baptize Kenya!!  My first baptism!!  It was such an amazing experience!  We got to the church at 7:30 in the morning because her baptism was at 8 and she was already there waiting for us!  She was all ready to go!  We had 2 little talks about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost from members in the ward (there were about 12 people there in total) and then me and her walked out and of the baptismal water.

My first baptism with Kenya!
 It's been raining a lot here and when it rains the water that comes out of the faucet is like yellow or sometimes green and so this baptismal font was filled with green water but it was cool.  I said her name then said the baptismal prayer in Spanish.  I could feel that God was happy with her decision and it felt like he was smiling down on us.  Something I'll never forget.  There is so much joy in being a missionary.  We then had Kenya bare her testimony and she said, " I know that this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true.  I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  I'm grateful to have this church in my life and that these elders were able to find me."  It was so awesome and I felt the spirit again so strong!

 On Sunday we kinda had a spook cause church started and Kenya wasn't there.  She was just running a little late though cause she was picking up one of our investigators on her way to church.  She is sos awesome.  We are probably going to baptize her daughter in 2 weeks and we have Dony lined up for this week to be baptized and he is super excited and ready.  We also had Julia at church this Sunday with Kenya and Angie again!  It's awesome being a missionary.  Hope all is going well for you guys at home!  I'm gonna try to send some pictures but this computer is being dumb.  You'll definitely get some next week though for sure!! Love you all!!

Love Elder Hunt

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

WEEK #9 I Love Conference

Me and my buds!

So this week was amazing!!! Sorry I didn´t get to send a big email out last week!  Didn´t have a lot of time but my mom created this cool blog for me so you can check that out if you want its called  so check that out its way cool!  Wow where to start?? This week was absolutely amazing with conference and our investigators and everything! 

Second we have Dony´s baptism on the 18th!!  He is a supeer peela investigator which means super good
We are baptizing Kenya
investigator.  He always reads and does all the challenges that we challenge him to do!  I´m so stoked for him and his baptism as well!  and we got a new investigator and set a date for her baptism on the first lesson!  She came to all the general conference sessions along with dony and kenya!!  Shes the girlfriend of one of the members so hopefully shes taking these lessons for herself and not for him!  I can tell though that she felt the spirit during conference!

Thirdly conference!!!!  What a great opportunity we all had to listen to the Prophet who receives revelation from the Lord for us, and all of the apostles and other general authorities.  What a blessing we have to live in this gospel!  In this conference there were some talks in Spanish, in Chinese, and in Portugese.  That in itself is so awesome!  The gospel is being spread all over the world, and I am so lucky to be a part of that preaching the gospel down here in Honduras to these people.  Its funny I never thought about this before, but what a privelege and blessing we have to listen to the prophet in english and actually be able to hear his voice and the apostles as well.  I don´t know if you liked hearing the translator for those certain talks as well as you liked actually hearing the real voice of the authorities that spoke in english.  Hearing the actual voice of the people that speak is so cool cause you can hear exactly what they´re saying with tone and pitch of their voice.. when they´re feeling the spirit like Elder Eyring when his voice gets tender or Elder Holland when hes getting serious about something or feeling the spirit as well.  I actually just listened to the speakers in spanish when they spoke spanish so i could hear the tone of their voice and i could actually understand a lot of it which was really cool.  

We are so blessed in so many ways that we may not even see.  I think we take it for granted sometimes.   One thing that really stuck out to me in general conference was a talk in Preisthood Session and it was Uchtdorf who said, Lord is it I?  Of course this is when Jesus and his apostles were at the Last Supper and Jesus looked around and said one of you are going to betray me.  The apostles then asked Lord is it I?  I´ve heard that story so many times and I always thought that that question was kind of werid.. like wouldn´t you know if it was you or not??  But instead of pointing fingers and saying oh its gotta be him or him they looked inwards and said Lord is it I?   These conference talks are for us personally.  The words in conference and in the scriptures are for us.  Evaluate yourself.  Study the conference talks again when they come out in the Ensign and ask yourself what do I need to work on? 

 I promise if you will honestly ask God what you can work on, he will give you an answer.  We don´t need to make drastic changes but always be trying to better ourselves improving little things here and there.  Fine tuning is what it is.  More than all though as the Prophet said, follow the footsteps of the savior Jesus Christ.  Always steer a straight course back towards Eternal Life and always have your mind set on Salvation and Exaltation.  Always look heavenward for guidance.  Be an example for good and be a light up on a hill that stands out in the darkness.  We are members of the restored church of Jesus Christ back on the earth today.  We are different then the rest of the world.  Don´t hide it.  Devoted members of this church are missionaries.  If you know any sheep that are lost, bring them in.  Every member a missionary.    I love you guys!  The Lord is hastening his work and he needs all of us to be a beacon of light in a world of darkness.  Enjoy the fall colors and football for me!  I miss you all!

Love Elder Hunt    
The Elder's I live with who crack me up!