Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WEEK #11 Bautism de Dony!

Haden took soccer balls to give to the kids- he was so excited to get this!
So this week was really good!  We had changes this week but nothing happened with me and my companion.  We are still here in El Centro and doing great!   The new Elders and Hermanas are really cool and pretty funny.  The only other white guy in my apartment left though so now it's me and 3 latinos.  They are all really funny though! The water wasn't working one morning and it was raining really hard so we all went ouside of our apartment and took a shower in the rain!

Dony's baptism- what a beautiful day!
We had Dony's baptism this week!  It went great!  He showed up early like Kenya did and was all ready to go.  The water was green again because of all this rain but it was good.  This baptism was at 4 in the afternoon instead of at 8 in the morning so lots of  people from the ward were there and it felt more like a baptism like they are at home with lots of people there.  I performed the service and it was so awesome and spiritual.  Nothing quite like the joy you feel from from missionary work and being a tool in the hand of the Lord.  We also found 7 new investigators this week!  Four of them look to be pretty solid so I'll let you know how that goes!

In church this Sunday we didn't have any new investigators show up but had Julia, Angie, and Kenya along with her daughter and Dony.  The daughter of Kenya is getting baptized this Saturday and I'm super excited for that.  She is loving the church, except for one little girl who said she has a face like a dog, but this girl also makes fun of me and being a gringo all the time so I told her not to worry about it!  She's such a pretty girl.

So the goal for the week, if there's ever  a new member or investigator in the church which is rare in our ward at least, make sure they feel welcome!  Also, look for mission opportunities everywhere to share the gospel!  Read the scriptures every day and always strive to serve others and be like Christ!

Love you all!
Elder Hunt

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