Saturday, January 2, 2016

WEEK #65 Training!

Hey guys so this week was pretty crazy!  Lots of new things going on!  We found out that we had changes Monday night and that Elder Ririe was leaving and for me that I was going to be training! Pretty exciting!  Tuesday we all just went around saying goodbye to everyone!  Wednesday we went to San Pedro Sula and said goodbye to some of my really good friends that I've made here in the mission that are going home!  Elder Baird, Woods, and Homes!  Sad to see them go!  Soo many good memories with all of them!! Then we all went into a room where all the new guys were waiting!! It was sooo cool reminded me of when I was in there too getting capacitated and not having any clue what was going on!  My comp Elder McNeely from the MTC is training too along with my buds Elder Cerros and Elder Hadley!  It was way cool chilling in there with all of them waiting anxiously to find out who are kid was gonna be! We finally got told and my kids name is Elder Martinez from Mexico!
He's a pretty cool guy!  He has a killer testimony and already knows tons!  Gonna be fun working with him!  He says some funny stuff always comparing his country with Honduras and how much greater Mexico is and such!  He absolutely hates the heat though which is funny cause it's not even the hottest right now!  Funny hearing all about his country though and how the houses are so much better and stuff!  I'm teaching him a lot of English though every moment he gets to ask me what something is in English he does which is really cool!  He really has a desire to learn!  So hopefully I can teach him all that too!  But super excited to be working out here with him!
We had a good week!  It was funny cause his first day with me we had a crazy Evangelical person go off on us about dumb stuff dancing and such and after he was like does that happen often?  He was a little bit spooked and it really happens like once every month or something like that so funny that it happened his first day.  Also, the same day some girls were trying to flirt with us super hard and asking me to get married with one of them and telling me that I was super handsome right after the crazy lesson.  So got out of there fast too.  Funny how that all happened his first day.  Anyway lots of crazy things happening and I'm just trying to get everything put together! Gonna work super hard this week!  I'll tell you all better how everything is going next week1  Love you guys all so much!  Miss you tons!!
Love Elder Hunt

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