Saturday, January 2, 2016

WEEK #64 Trincheras

So I now have two changes here!  Pretty crazy to think about.  Time is just flying by and these 2 changes have been great with my buddy Elder Ririe!  He now has 6 months here so is probably getting changed out!  We will see what happens with changes and all that fun stuff!  Hopefully everything goes smooth!  The weather is off and on kind of hotter this week but for the most part getting rainier and cooler every week.  I like it a lot.
Well my old comp buddy Elder Baird is leaving the mission this week so we had some cool celebrations with him one for his birthday and we all went to Pizza Hut and we had cool little party with some guys from our zone and from Puerto Cortes cool to see my buds always!  We also had a sweet paper football tournament last night1  I went undefeated and then lost twice in the championship to Elder Chankai!  haha super fun though.
So this week we did pretty good!  My comp got sick at the beginning of this week and we were down for a day but got some good work in on Wednesday and on!  We set a baptismal date with Will and he looks really excited about it all and can't wait to get married and baptized!!  He's such a good guy and it was a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation and the Celestial Kingdom and I asked him so now that you know this plan what does it make you want to do and he said makes me want to follow the example of Jesus Christ.  He couldn't of answered it better so I asked well will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized in his church by someone who has the priesthood authority of God.  He said yes and then we put a date with him.  Also had another cool lesson with him and we brought a member and it was way cool!  This member is so stoked to be helping and seeing that Will is stoked about the gospel as well!!
Also our investigator Moses had a very challenging week this week.  His mom died in a motorcycle accident.  So we talked with him about the Plan of Salvation more and about where we go after death and it gave him a lot of comfort and he found it really interesting and wants to know more and more!  Hopefully he can accept this gospel and just feel the assurity that comes with it and the bigger view that it gives us of life and the grand scheme of things!  And the peace and joy that comes with all this knowledge that families can be together forever!
Anyway that was about my week!  Hoping to have lots of new cool stuff to report next week and more progress!!  Keep praying for us please here in Trincheras we need all the help we can get!! Looks like we have changes!  Gonna be cool to see who my new comp is!  LETS GO!!
Love you guys!  Have a great week!  Enjoy the weather and football and such!  Miss you all and talk to you next week!
Love Elder Hunt

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