Monday, January 11, 2016

WEEK #75 Sica

Well looks like there's a new Virus out that comes from Mosquitos..  Gotta love it haha first it was Dengue (which I got) and then it was Chickenguya, and now its the SICA.  The Sica has been pegging everyone down here and it got my comp this week.  Kinda blows cause with Sica you get a high fever and your bones ache and then you get a mad rash all over your body and it makes you super itchy.  Soo lets pray I don't get that but ya poor comp.  We had to take a break this week during the final days of the week so that he could rest and try to get better.

Umm so ya this week was chill.  Not much to report other than the comp being sick.  So pray for him that he can continue to get better please.  Had interviews with President and such and it went really good!  He just makes you feel like the best person ever.  I love President!  Umm our investigator Jose Luis is progressing really good!  He has friends in the church and we were able to brotherhood him even more this week.  His little daughter loved church sooo much last week that she was bothering him every day asking if it was Sunday already.  and he kept on saying no and finally asked her why and she said cause I wanna go to church again!!  so that's was really cool!  hes likes the church as well!!  but bummer cause he cant go for 3 weeks straight cause of his work schedule!!

But ya that was about it!  Kind of boring week.  Sorry that there wasn't much to report!  This is my last week here though in Trincheras so I'm gonna be saying goodbye to everyone and we will see what happens next week!  I'm excited though!!  been here for 6 months now and ready for a change of scenery and new experiences and challenges!!  loved it here though no complaints!

Alright well have a very good week all of you!! Love you guys ton!!  Hope your all accomplishing your goals!!

Love Elder Haden

p.s. I'll try to send loads of photos next week! but here's one of the beach!!  enjoy!  haha flippy

2 p.s. i can eat Jalapenos now and it doesn't bother me hahaha #mexicano

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