Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WEEK #77 Santa Cruz De Yojoa!!

Hey everyone!  Its honestly been a crazy week.  Full of new places, people, and adventures.  Probably one of the craziest weeks of my mission.  Just lots of new stuff going on with the changes we had and everything!  This new area that I'm in is awesome!  I went from a hot, dry, flat, dusty place to the beautiful mountains of Yojoa.  Its so awesome here.  Its nice and cold!  The scenery and new views here are amazing.  It kind of reminds me a little bit of Santa Barbara but a nicer more civilized version.  My new companion is dope as well!  Hes a nice, positive, outgoing guy!  He was born here in Tegusigalpa, Honduras but moved to Guatemala when he was 14.  He speaks like perfect English as well and its super fun being comps with him!!  Were both assigned here as the Zone Leaders of the Yojoa Zone.  Its my first change as Zone Leader so hes showing me the ins and outs.  Super crazy.  Our zone is pretty big and we get to travel around alot to do divisions with other Elders and interview the District Leaders baptisms.  Ive been loving being able to travel around tons and see all the pretty sights around, and meet new people!  But ya its been a crazy week getting situated in the new house and trying to figure tons of stuff out.  The members here are super cool though.  This is probably one of the best wards Ive been in with members actually giving us tons of refferals and helping us out tons!  Good stuff.

We traveled a lot this week having to go to Villanueva like 3 times for different conferences and such.  We had the opportunity on Wednesday to hear from Missionary Executive Deparment of the Church and it was really inspiring everything that they said!  I loved it all and learned a ton!  On Friday me and my comp went to Mochito which is clear out in the middle of no where to do baptismal interviews for the DL there.  Ive always wanted to go to Mochito cause Ive heard that its super beautiful and nice and cold.  So it was fun being able to finally go there and see it!  We had to take a Taxi to get out of Santa Cruz then we took a Bus down to Joyoa from there we took a moto taxi to Rio Lindo and we waited for a bus to take us to Las Vegas and then we had to take another moto taxi up in the mountains to a little rural spot in Mochito.  and we had to take the same route out on the way back!  so that was a super fun experience.  soo pretty.  honestly an adventure!  on the way back we found some white people on the bus a dude and 2 girls and so we started talking with them and found out they were from the Netherlands!  they spoke pretty good English and it was funny cause I approached them saying hola como estan? and the girl was like no hablo espanol.  super funny hearing that.  but they were super interested in what young people like us were doing and so we were able to have a great conversation with them about the church and the Restoration and they said that they are going to go attend church when they get back to see how it is and find out more in the Netherlands!!  Hopefully it goes well with them!

Sunday was pretty crazy as well cause we had to give a capacitation to the whole Stake of Villanueva and all their leaders.  There was about 150 people listening to us as we introduced the new mission plan and vision that we had for the Stake.  Kind of nerve wracking to be honest but cool.  If you all recall I was in Villanueva like 7 months ago in the Ward El Plan.  So it was super cool cause i was able to see a bunch of my good friends and the members from my old ward and it was a great experience seeing them all!  Its funny cause after 7 months of not seeing them a lot of them had changed.  Like they looked different.  Which makes me wonder after 2 years of not seeing all of you guys hows it gonna be?  hahaha well we will see I guess.  So anyway cant really remember all the other stuff that happened this week.  Just lots of big and new exciting things going on!  Also it changes it was super cool to be able to see all my buddies from the mish!  weird cause lots of my buddies went home.  time is flying by way too fast.  

Anyway I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!  Enjoy the snow!!  Ill try to write more details next week and send pics.  Just got to get a grip on things this week!

Love Elder Hunt        

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