Tuesday, March 29, 2016

WEEK #78 Pants Burnt

Hey everyone!!  Well its been a most excellent week with everything and Im loving Santa Cruz!  Its such an awesome place!!  Were doing really good here and getting some good stuff done!  Weather has been super whack this week being really cold one day and rainy and I have to wear a jacket the whole day to a super hot day where Im sweating buckets and have to use a fan!  Reminds me of Utahs weather a little haha!  Got some pretty legit Aerobie time in on Saturday morning cause we have this huge field right by our house and man was that fun!!  Trying to teach my comp how to throw a frisbee good, and also thinking about practicing some field goal and football stuff being as there are big goals on both sides!  Gonna be fun!!  Today we went to the Joya Grande Zoo and it was super legit!  I went there like 8 months ago and it was good to see it again this time with new people and crazy to think about the old people one of them being Elder Wing who is now married.  Pretty crazy stuff.  Rode a dinosour today and the funniest thing that happened was seeing Elder Harris getting his backpack bit by a camel hahaha I was trying to touch it and then it looked at him and went to bite him!  Funny stuff!

So I dont know if I mentioned it in my last letter but my new comp is named Elder Lorenzana!  Hes awesome!  He speaks English soo American its hilarious!  So this week we gave a capacitation to our zone and it was awesome!  Just got them super pumped to contact and it worked!!  We had 125 more contacts this week than the previous!  So were gonna keep at it!!  Also one of our investigators named Jose got an answer to his question through prayer and could feel through a dream and the spirit that the Book of Mormon is true!! The other Elders here baptized his daughter this Saturday and I was able to interview her and she was super awesome and hopefully her father and the rest of her family that lives apart can follow that example and be baptized as well!!

We had dinner with the Stake President this Tuesday as well and he told us something very important about choosing wives.  He was asking us why almost all missionaries are afraid to marry a return missionary and stuff like that but then told us that we just need to look for a wife that 1)  Loves God above all other things 2)  A wife thats a better person than you to help you be better always    Soo pretty good tips from Presidente Flores in my opinion!  But thats a ways out still haha

We had a super dope lesson and week with our investigator named David!!  Hes 17 and just the biggest stud!  We have his baptism planned for this Saturday and am so stoked for him!!  Our lesson on Thursday for him was the determining factor cause he told us he still wasnt ready but through sincere testimony he was able to feel the spirit and make the decision to be baptized this Saturday!!  I seriously feel like Ive met this kid before, maybe even before this life, hes so cool and gonna be a good buddy of mine always!!  Lets pray everything goes well this week!  But seriously such a good kid and gonna be such a fine missionary one day!!  His family is super legit as well!  His mom is a member but was less active for a while and her husband is gonna get baptized too but they just gotta get married but there already in the process so Im excited for them as well!  Such a cool family!!

Burning of the pants- 18 months out!
Not gonna lie this house was a wreck when I got here!  Probably the most messy and gross apartment Ive ever moved into but we gotta it ship shape clean this week.  So Im super happy about that as well.  Hard to feel the spirit if your surroundings are a mess!  This week it was just amazing though to be able to feel the spirit so strongly guiding my comp and I and our words!!  Love it!!

Read what he wrote on his pants!  Funny!!!
Cool so that was my week in a nutshell!  Im excited for this next one that comes as well and were gonna echar some fuego!!  The church is true!!  Jesus Christ guides us!!  I invite all of you to share our message of the Restoration with one of your friends or acquaintance this week.  Pray for more opportunities to share the gospel and God will open little doors and opportunities every day!!  and also as a stake we our doing a stake fast for the missionary work here!!  maybe you guys could help and join in and fast for all of the missionaries here and all over the world!!  Alma 6:6  Love you guys!!

Love Elder Hunt

P.S. I was gonna write in OFF on the brick wall behind my pants a big 18 and light it up but figured out that would be bad if the neighbors or anyone saw cause thats a big gang number here.. hahaha close call

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