Monday, April 18, 2016

WEEK #79 He Lives!

What is in that bowl?

Can't be roaches?!

Hey guys so it was another great week for us here in Santa Cruz!!  Seriously love it here and seeing miracles every day.  This week was a little bit chilly and had to wear my jacket every day which I love.  Starting to get a little bit hotter but hopefully it can stay cool for a little while longer.

They ran out of food... just kidding!
My testimony was definitely strengthened this week to know that God guides us to where we need to go as missionaries.  So I dont think I mentioned it last week but we met this dude in the street named Tyron.  It was completely random how we met him.  We took a totally different route than we usually do to go to the Park and then we got stopped by some random old investigator of my comp and we crossed this river thing and my comp was going super slow crossing and such and we finally were walking on a solid road up hill and my comp was talking on the phone with someone else in English.  Anyway this dude comes up behind us walking with a bucket and paint brushes and says Hey Man thats some nice English.  He kept on walking.  So I was like Yo you speak English man and he was like ya dude!  He had like a happy accent from the 70s or 80s and I was like what the heck where are you from man?  and he said Califooornia maan!  So we started talking about why hes out here and whats he doing and stuff and ended up going to his restaurant that hes putting up called the Gringo Cali Tex Mex.  Pretty legit place.  We set a date to come back with him and its all started from there.  This dude legit looks like Snoop Dog.  Hes half white and half black.  He was an international DJ who traveled all over the world mixing sets and his legit DJ name is DJ 2 Tone Tyron cause hes half white and half black.  super cool.  anyway we went with him this Tuesday and were able to really find his needs and get to know him and such.  When we went back the following day we shared the message of the Restoration.  Now my whole mission Ive always just wanted to feel something super special while saying the First Vision cause its the most spiritual part and dont get me wrong ive definitely felt the spirit super strong while reciting the First Vision and Joseph Smiths story before but this time was just different as we were explaining it in English.. the spirit seriously just swooped in and touched us all and by the time I got to the First Vision I had the biggest chills and it was just like a spiritual bomb had gone off and you just couldnt deny the abundance of spirit that filled the little room.  he understood it soo clearly and when we asked him to pray to know if it was true and be baptized if he receives an answer he said well of course I will without a doubt!  Sooo wow.  And thats just the beginning cause we went back the next day and explained the Book of Mormon and he just has soo many good questions and hes super sincere with everything and really just wants to know the truth for himself.  so he started reading on Wednesday.  When we got back on Friday..we saw a completely different Tyron waiting for us.  He was shaven and had his hair back all nice and combed and wearing nice clothes as well.  He also told us that he had cleaned his apartment and washed all of his clothes..that he felt just a spark inside of him to start cleaning up his life and again wow.  The spirit is working on him soo much right now and seriously its amazing the miracles we are seeing right now.  

I do have to testify though that God and Satan are both equally real.  They both exist.  After having such a awesome lesson with him on Friday we again left his little under construction restaurant with big smiles like always and went to our next cita.  In the next cita we were just visiting a less active girl whos mom whos not a member was supposed to meeting with us too.  Her Mom said she was sick though and couldnt meet with us so we decided just to quickly invite the girl to Seminary and read a scripture about the importance of reading and praying.  As we were talking with her, her Step Dad (well the boyfriend of her Mom came out) and didnt even look at us but told her (yelled at her)  Did I not tell you that your Mom was sick.  Get rid of these Mormons right now, tell them to get out of this house right now!  He didnt even ask us if we could leave he just told her in front of us to tell us to get out.  Sooo honestly felt like that was Satan trying to discourage us after having such amazing lessons with Tyron.  But definitely recognized that and said well why should I get discouraged? theres no point thats what the adversary wants so im not going to.  so motivated us to work even more!

My testimony was also strengthened this week of the living Jesus Christ by hearing the testimonies of the General Authorities that came to our Stake Conference.  Now I dont ever recall hearing this in Utah or a testimony this direct or clear about Jesus Christ, but his testimony was unforgettable.  He said "I bear my special witness that Jesus Christ Lives.  I know that he is real.  He is a loving, friendly, and kind person who likes to smile."  I too testify that we as a church are led by Jesus Christ himself and as such are the only true church of him on the earth today.  

Wanted to finish this letter today with something I saw this morning that got to me.  Its something I saw a lot here actually and its a very sad sight to see.  Something that you all probably havent seen alot if ever.  and what I saw was just a women that had disfunctional legs, basically propelling herself forward on the ground with her hands, carrying her bag of food on top of her head.  basically dragging herself forward over the dirty roads with her hands towards her destination to who knows where or how far.  and Ill I could think was wow and how Jesus would have healed her and how she will have her legs one day in the resurrection.  people here even if they have those types of problems lots of times still wont listen to a message of the gospel..but one day she will have the chance to hear it and be healed.  But honestly how wonderful are our lives in which we live.  We truly do have a lot to be grateful for.  Never forget it.

I love you all have a great week!

Love Elder Hunt

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