Monday, April 18, 2016

WEEK #85 Abril

Hey everybody!  We are officially in Abril!  Soo exciting!  How great was this General Conference that we heard this weekend!  Outstanding!  I loved it soo much and honestly didnt want it to end!  I hope your all having an awesome SPRING BREAK!  Soo much fun!  Today we went fishing at Cajon again and I guess I got the unlucky pole cause we caught like 25 fish and I caught like 2 of them haha.  But it was lots of fun!  The members here are such funny guys!

Soo my week in a blur was good!  On Monday we baked a cake and shared it with a member family who was moving in the neighborhood to our street which weve named Restoration Avenue cause 7 out of the 10 houses are Mormons!  It was cool being there as they dedicated their new house that we helped paint!

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Dester which were soo good as always!  I know hes gonna be up there in General Conference one day!  and we also put 4 baptismal dates later that night for the 9th of April.. or this next weekend!  so if everything goes as it should we should be having 4 baptisms next week!  We actually had the craziest lesson last night cause on Tuesday the Mom of the Familia Recarte was like I wanna be baptized and the kids were saying no way were catholics!  and then after them hearing the General Conference yesterday and walking around the church with them and getting to know it better and for them to see the baptismal font and we actually walked downed into it thats how curious Edwin was (hes a funny guy) but it helped him to want to do it even more!  And when we went last night to their house we explained Lesson 5 about temples and everything and the whole lesson Edwin was telling us like ya well now Id say Im about like at 50 percent on wanting to baptize me and then it went to 60 and then 75 and then 80 when we said wed get him a LDS bible and then 95 and then he said Thats It ive Decided!  I want to be baptized!  I want to be Mormon!  I know that the Mormon Church is true!  I will be a Mormon!  I am Mormon!  It was soo shocking to see all of this coming from Edwin!  And after that he was like man I feel soo inspired and wanted to do the closing prayer and everything!  Hes also reading soo much in the BOM and is in Mosiah and I forgot to tell you guys last week but he had a dream for an answer last week after asking God if the BOM was true and he dreamt with the Golden Plates and declared that he knew that they were true and then they fell out of his hands and shattered.  But we told him that that was his answer from God and that the reason why they fell is because he wasnt taking Gods word seriously like he should and wasnt appreciating it like he ought to!  But ya soo Edwin and Ariel are both stoked about baptism for this next Saturday and there Mom was being a little reluctant last night just cause everyones been saying lots of stuff to her but she knows its the right decision as well!  Anyway sorry that was kind of jumbled up!  But super cool!  Lets pray it all works out!  But Edwin is sooo pilas and says that he cant wait to be Elder Hernandez as well!  Hes such a funny kid!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week and a most excellent spring break!  I love you all soo much!  And just a thought from conference is that May we all take the Harder right instead of the easier left!

Love Elder Haden

P.S.  this week we also went to Mochito again to do another baptismal interview and man I love it there.  It soo nice and fresh and beautiful.  Such a great place and beautiful scenery.  Wish you all could see it!

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