Monday, May 23, 2016

WEEK #86 Waters of Mormon

A beautiful week- 2 baptisms:)
Hey hows it going?!!  Hope you all had a great week!!  It was a most excellent one for us here in Santa Cruz!!  We can really just see Gods hand in the work more now than ever helping us and blessing us in abundance!  Its wonderful!  Today we were able to go out to Cajon again The Dam and instead of fishing we went inside and took the Dam Tour!  Lots of fun and it was nice and colder misty inside and felt great!!  Got lots of pretty photos!  Ill make sure to attach a few!!

Alright soo this week was a good one!  We had lots of nice things happen!  Ill just touch the main points!  Umm well we contacted a TON!!  The Family Recarte that we were gonna baptize did get baptized but just 1 out of the 3 cause the Mom and the little brother drank coffee.  Dumb Coffee!  haha 2nd time recently that thats happen but no worries cause there gonna get baptized this weekend!!  We pulled a prank on Elder Call and got to the house before they did and pretended like we werent there and spooked their pants off!  It was sooo hilarious!  

Edwin's baptism!
Carlos' baptism!
On Friday both Carlos and Edwin got interviewed and passed!  And on Saturday we held a private, secret baptism of Edwin which was pretty dope!  Reminded me of Alma when he had to baptize people secretly in the Waters of Mormon so that the king wouldnt find out!  Thats basically what we did with Edwin cause we dont want the Catholic School that he goes to drop him as a student or take away his scholarship just cause he joined the TRUE CHURCH!   But he and his family were able to take a step of faith this weekend and they could sure feel the assurety and truthfulness of what they were doing!  It was a very special day indeed!  And just a little to explain how we found that family was that before Valentines Day like a week before me and my companion had 3 fallen appointments so we were contacting and we passed by a house walking down a hill towards the park and something whispered to me that I had to knock on that house.  Soo I stopped and looked at my companion and said hey man we got to go back and contact that house!  So we did and out came Edwin and Ariel.  I honestly thought it wasnt gonna work out at all in the beginning just 2 kids coming out and saying ya you can come back in a week.. just the regular like whatever contact and well there all getting baptized 2 months later.  The Holy Ghost really is real and works with us in a divine way!

The other baptism Carlos was also a random contact that we did that ended up leading us to know that his Mom was a member just very inactive and well we started teaching him and his Mom and she started reactivating and he started going to the church and loves it!  Soo we baptized him this Saturday and hes now an official member of the church and his Mom is now active!!  Really cool!  and again the spirit lead us to both of these guys!  Edwin who is 14 and Carlos who is 12!  They both have goals of being missionaries in the future!  How great is this work?

This confirmations went great on Sunday and also we were very suprised about what happened on Sunday as well.  A new family showed up from La Esperanza, Honduras and its a family of 5 a single mom with kids that are 12, 10, 7, 4 or something like that and they have already been taught by missionaries and assisted the church multiple times in Esperanza and have a baptismal date that the Elders from there put for them!  They had to move here for some reason and well now we are going to be working with them but like a serious golden family!  The Lord sure is blessing us!  

Anyway hoping to have more baptism this weekend!  The Familia Recarte the Mom Ana and the little guy Ariel!  We might even have some more!  Gonna be a great way for my companion to finish his mish here!  The work is true!  I love all of you!  

Love Elder Haden :)

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