Monday, May 23, 2016

WEEK #91 Baleadas y Cuevas

Fun day at the cave!
Sooo wanna start off today by saying that this PDay in other words today was way tooo fun!  Well the only food category Ive eaten today is baleadas so thats a good start to the day with breakfast and lunch and the thing that made today even more amazing was the caves we just got back from!  Seriously like a once in a lifetime experience today that Im never gonna forget going out to some caves by Lake Yojoa and having a blast!  It was the coolest cave tour Ive ever taken!  Seriously wish you guys could come and see and do it!  The best part about it is that it was Honduras rules (as usual) meaning that you could just roam everywhere and explore everything and touch all of it.  We probably went 2 miles in and traveled around like 5 miles of cave terrain.  We held our flashlights in our mouth as we were climbing, scaling, crawling, sliding, moving and manuevering over and under big, slimy, wet, slippery rocks and cave features in the pitch dark.  Funnest thing ever!  Fotos dont do justice to everything we did and saw today but ya ill try to send some anyway!  And another cool thing is that my comp got hit in the head by a bat.  Legit.

Well lets see what else happened this week.  On Tuesday we did divisions out in a 2 places called Paraiso y Pimienta. (Paradise and Pepper.)  Pretty cool divisions and we were able to get these missionaries even more inspired to work hard and find new people to teach!  Then we got a call that night saying that I had to go to Migration the next day to renew my residency card cause ive been here so long.  Pretty cool cause remembering the last time I did that I had less than a year in the mission and when we went to renew my companions residency card I was able to see my buddy back then Elder Austin Measles.  Crazy to think that was sooo long ago and now im the one heading home.  Wow.  Time flies.  After renewing the card we went out and got some Johnny Rockets with my boys Wood and Fackrell.  I seriously dont know if all shakes are that heavenly in the states but seriously the best shake ive had in literally years.  Johnny Rockets is dope a little taste of america in a 3rd world country.  That night we were also able to get some investigators to go to the open house at the church cause it was the week of the family and they had a bunch of little events like that going on!  They absolutely soaked it all in and loved what they saw and more imporantly felt at the church.  Going by the sacrament table they could really just feel peace is what they said.  How lucky are we to be able to feel that every Sunday.  On Friday night we had a talent show and it was super funny.  Elder Call and I sang some Hello by Adele but that missionary version and killed it!  Also did the classical dance of Honduras and bailamos punta.  Super hilarious.  Saturday was sport day and we seriously played voleibol and fútbol from 4 til like 9.  It was dope.  Fun day.  Fun week.

Well that was about it for my week.  Definitely a fun memorable one and hoping to get more good solid work in this week!  Ive only got 7 weeks left and gotta make every day count!  I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Haden

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