Monday, May 23, 2016

WEEK #88 Hello Wood!

Hey whats up guys?!!  Hope you all had a great week!!  This week was sooo legit for us here in Honduras!  Well soo my old comp said his goodbyes on Monday and everything and we had a sweet party to get him off and such with some members who made him a legit going home video and such!  And then on TUESDAY I got my new companion who is ELDER WOOD!  Man I am soo stoked to have him!  Weve never been together in the mission or anything but weve always known who the other was and this is a legit buddy from my mission that I have now with me!  He is seriously just like a straight bro from Cali and legit reminds me of my buddies from home!  This guy is like my duplicate!  We love all the same stuff!  Soo you could say that things are going muy bien!

Volleyball was super fun this week!  Theres this member here whos nick name is el colocho who is just the funniest guy youd ever meet!  I love him soo much!  Hes getting activated right now and seriously not a better way to do that than going fishing together, playing volleyball, and going  to church!  Love this guy!  On Thursday we had the funniest lesson with the Rosales Family!  We talked about Law of Chastity and asked the little kid David at the end how he was doing with it and he didnt speak and I was like whats wrong dude do you have a girlfriend?  and he nodded his head and was sad!  hahahaha this kids only like 10 years old and then his mom gave him the what for and it was soo funny!  We were just like you guys can discuss this when we leave!  LOL

This week we put some more baptismal dates with people!!  Pretty legit stuff!  We now have 6 with fecha and in church we had 9 people!!  Thats the most Ive ever had in 1 sacrament meeting!  Pretty awesome!  and we found some very exciting new people to teach this week!  More families!!  :)  One of the houses that we contacted this week was super legit cause we went the first time and then came back the second time and asked the Dad what his plans were for him and his family for this year and he said well I want to get married and get baptized.  It was soo dope so we were just like well in fact we are helping lots of people to do just that right now and well wed love to help you as well!  He was like alright sweet!  Soo awesome!

Soo 2 more cool experiences this week were that a guy came to church with Meidis mom which is one of the people were gonna baptize soon.  She just brought him cause he had heard that we had given her daughter a blessing and her baby and how they had gotten better and so he came to church specifically to get a blessing from us.  It was soo humbling to see his faith and give him a preisthood blessing.  We should be visiting him this week!  And the last experience to finish is that we went to the Rosales Family this week to teach them and when we got there the littlest youngster Joselynn was outside and she came up and gave me the biggest hug and was sooo excited that we had come and couldnt stop talking to me about how she had a new bed and well A bed to sleep on!  Shes only 3 and she just couldnt stop talking about how much she loved having a bed.  Really humbling to see that as well cause like I dont think ever 3 year old is that extactic to get a new bed.  Shes probably been sleeping on the ground for like a couple of months now.  Wow.  

Cool.  Well I love you all and am excited to be out here serving the Lord and giving these last couple of weeks here to him.  The work is true.  I feel soo blessed to have such a great life, family, mission, ward, area, and companion.  God and Jesus Christ live and they love us.  Talk to you all soon!

Love Elder Haden

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