Monday, May 23, 2016

WEEK #87 Goodbye Lorenzana

My Zone!
Lorenzana on his way out!
Well this was my last week together with my good buddy and companion Elder Lorenzana!  He finished his mission strong and weve had and made some great memories and experiences working together that Ill never forget!  Ive sure learned a ton from him!  Such a stud muffin!  Gonna miss him!  Hes already to go home though and hes prepared!  His new mission has begun!    But ya this week was a little bit slower with the work with him leaving and saying goodbye to everyone and Im pumped up to see who my next companion is gonna be and ready to get started with him!  Vamos a echar some fuego!

The whole family is baptized- beautiful!
Umm honestly my brain is a bit fried today.. I dont know if its cause Im super tired or been thinking too much so im gonna keep this one short and simple!  We were able to complete a family this week by baptizing Edwins Mom and little brother Ana and Ariel!  It was a great baptism and now there all baptized!  Its been soo amazing to see how much theyve progressed and grown over these last few months.  It definitely hasnt been easy, there were definitely a lot of bumps, twists, bends, and spins we had to pass through teaching them but we did our best and God did the rest.  Such a miracle to see that family baptized and now we just got to make sure to strengthen them always so that they can endure to the end!  But the ward loves them and has taken them in and they fit right in with everybody!  Im so happy for them!

My golden family:)
Also I think I told you guys a little about this golden family that came out of nowhere last week.  Well we went to their house a lot this week and got to know them a lot better and teach them alot and they are seriously golden!  The Mom has already been to church 4 times and the kids twice now and they all want to be baptize and the kids are seriously the cutest and most grateful Honduras kids Ive ever seen!  I love this family soo much!  So we are preparing them for their baptism thats gonna be on the 30th and seriously God blessed us big time with this amazing family!  We gave David a Book of Mormon on his Birthday and seriously his eyes just lit up and he was so happy and grateful.  He was just happy to have gotten 1 gift on his birthday.  We made sure to give him lots of candy as well that night.  Such a humble family. 

Anyway thats about all I can remember from this week!  It was a good one!  Im excited about changes and we will see whats next!  Love you all and miss you!  Have a great week!

Love Elder Haden

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