Monday, May 23, 2016

WEEK #89 Agua

A big heart from my boy!
This week was a very good one!  We were able to get a lot of things done and have tons of fun as well!  We've just been very busy lately and time is flying by soo fast!  Im having such a great time here though in Santa Cruz with my buddy Elder Wood.  Just feels like Im preaching the gospel with one of my bros.  Nothing better!  Today we went to the lake and it was cool cause the last time I went there was like 14 months ago. Feels like Ive been here awhile haha but still the same beautiful lake.  I love it there and the fish we ate after was just as good as ever!!

This week I realized just how much I love water.   I mean its just soo good for soo many things.  Just want to mention a few.  Its great for drinking after a long hot day, its good for showering, its good for wakeboarding, tubing, and skiing.  Its great for swimming, its great for fishing, its great for rafting and surfing.   It keeps everything fresh and clean.  I think for that alone is why we use it for baptizing people.  To make us fresh and clean.  When we get baptized our sins are washed away and then after baptism we partake of the sacrament every sunday to stay fresh.  If it werent for water we would dry up spiritually and never be clean enough to return to Heavenly Father.  Without water we would die and without the living water that Jesus Christ offers us we would also die spiritually and forever.  Anyway I think water is one of my most favorite things there is.  Im thankful for it.

Two Zones!
Soo we had some sweet divisions this week in Rio Lindo.  It was super pretty there and super fun with the missionaries there!  Loved it!  On Friday the Familia Rosales had their interviews and all passed with flying colors!  Seriously seeing the faith of this young mom Jessica who has been going through soo many problems lately with her work, money, and getting robbed twice since shes been here.  Its incredible to me the faith that she has and how much trust she puts in God and knows that Satan is the one who was trying to stop her from being baptized and her family as well.  I think if any normal person would have gone through everything she has in this past month they would have quit a long time ago.  Shes seriously one of a kind!  Her kids are the cutest little things too.  I wish you guys could see them.  They say the funniest things as well like what happened on Thursday night right in front of there house is that 2 moto taxis crashed and the drivers got injured. and got out of their vehicles and sat there on the road next to their motos and Jessica had been right behind these 2 motos that crashed in a different moto and anyway her 2 little kids came out and one of them went to one of the guys and held his head in his arms and said pobrecito like poor little guy and then Joselynn the littlest one was like tiene que ir mas despacito you need to go alot slower!  Soo funny hearing this stuff!  Such cute kids.

This baptism on Saturday was seriously one of the coolest ones Ive ever had!  We had me, Elder Wood, and our buddy Elder Chub all dressed up in white with the Familia Rosales to be baptized and it was 1 baptism after another after another.  It felt soo cool to see 3 baptisms go in one day.  The spirit was soo strong.  Seriously one of the coolest experiences Ive ever had on my mission.  Jessica gave an amazing testimony after the baptism as well to finish it off.  Really an unforgettable day for everyone and we topped it off by going out and getting icecream after!  Anyway it was a very cool week and Im excited to tackle this next one as well!  I love you all and hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love Elder Haden

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