Monday, April 18, 2016

WEEK #84 Happy Easter

Hey whats up guys!!  Happy Easter to you!!  They dont really celebrate Easter here but they have whats called La Semana Santa which is The Holy Week in English.  Its usually the hottest week of the year cause its like mid summer but I think the heats gonna hit us this week.  It rained like the whole first part of La Semana Santa and was pretty nice weather up til Sunday when it got nice and Hot!  But ya during La Semana Santa they eat dried fish soup which attracts a ton of flies and also things covered in Honey like pumpkin and mangos.  We ate dried fish soup like every day.  Its pretty good stuff.  The Catholic Church really sticks out during this week with all their activities and stuff.  And instead of Easter its first off Crucifixtion Friday, Saturday of Glory, and Resurrection Sunday.  Soo ya little different world over here as usual.  On Sunday I had kind of forgotten that it was even Easter until our California Investigator Tyron met us on the street as we were going to church and said Happy Easter Guys!  Then it struck us like ooh ya its Easter!  haha but ya no Easter Bunnies or Easter Hunts or Candy and Eggs.  I tried explaining all that stuff to some families here and they all thought that we were crazy.  Cool stuff.

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Its funny sometimes here cause people are just soo shut out from the real world granted it is a 3rd world country.. but for instance we were with an old lady who is a member and she had her friends with her who are also old and they were looking at Avon Magazines.  In one of the Avon magazines some Star Wars clothing popped up.  And they all started freaking out saying how messed up the world was for wearing Satanic clothing like that.  They went on to explain how people who wear that clothing worship the Devil.  And that the green little dude (YODA) is a little devil and the robots, etc.  Gotta love Honduras.

Soo honestly this week I forgot my agenda and my mind is going blank on what we did and such.  But it was a pretty descent week and we received a legit referral of a couple whos married and interested!  Were very excited about them and also about this kid named Carlos whos Mom is a member and we contacted them and found that out out of the Blue and she wants him to get baptized!!  hes 12 and he loved the church this week and is stoked to be baptized!  Miracles of Contacting right there.  Also we were able to progress with a lot of our investigators!  We have a date with Tyron for the 9th of April so please pray for him that he can leave the bad stuff behind.  Hes trying soo hard and doing soo good!  Just needs a little more love.  

My tired boy got caught sleeping!
Speaking of Love.  This week I was able to study the Atonement of Jesus Christ literally the whole week and I was able to really start to comprehend just a little bit of how much God and Jesus love us.  Its honestly hard to describe there love with words but I was able to feel it this week and start to understand it more.  They love us beyond what we are capable of comprehending.  And all they ask of us after all is said and done is that we will Love them by being obedient to their commandments, and loving others.  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and will be our Advocate before our Heavenly Father.  and if we are not afraid to testify of him and remember him in this life..He will not be afraid to testify of us and remember us in the day to come when we shall all be judged.  The atonement really can help us to become clean of our sins, to erase them completely, to not only repair the damages but turn us something into something much better and increase our capacities to do more and be better people.  It gives us power to overcome trials, challenges, and temptations.  And its there to use, the price has already been payed.  Soo I hope we can all try to study and understand Christs atonement even more and use it in our lives more every day.

Sorry that this letter is a little scattered with thoughts.  Kinda tired and forgot my agenda that has all my thoughts and such  but I hope you all have a great week and have a fun Spring Break!!  I love you all!  Jesus loves you!

Love Elder Hunt

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