Monday, April 18, 2016

WEEK #80 Blur

Well this week went by in a blur and its honestly hard to remember exactly what happened!  We are working super hard though and I seriously get home at night and we plan real fast and I hit the hay cause Im just wasted at the end of every day. Getting warmer here but not unbearable!  Today we played soccer and it was soo dope!  Ill send a photo!  People call me Ronaldo cause Im soo good.  No its a joke I always just wear my Ronaldo jersey.  Found out today though that Im not as in good of shape as I thought.  Gotta work on that. haha

This week was pretty fun.  The Guzmans family came in to town and they are all from different places in the world.  Like Italy and The States and Tegusigalpa.  We got to go over for a fun little party and family night with all of them and eat some good barbecue and cake to celebrate someones BDAY!

Tyron is making some good progress.  This week he asked us about some concerns hes been having about the commandments cause we still hadnt taught him them yet but he told us that he felt a need to change some of his habit and wanted to know if smoking and drinking were bad cause hes really been trying to clean up everything in his life!  There really is just a spark in him and we taught him the Word of Wisdom soo were working with him in that but hes progressing real well!  Just having some difficulties with his Restaurant situation and ended up quitting it this week cause his work partner was just too much and he didnt want to have to deal with her anymore.  So please pray for him as he is trying to make this big change in his life.  

We went to a Bilengual School this week to teach one of the teachers there.  It was fun to be in a little school again and brought me back to my childhood at Eaglecrest Elementary but like out in the trailers haha Pretty Cool guy though but not that interested.  But we found a gold mine of references this week!  we went with some members and they just dished us out like 10 references and their real good ones as well!  Im stoked about that cause honestly with contacting ya you can get a bunch of news and stuff but they usually dont progress but with references the percentages are always soo much better that the people progress and get baptized! and stay active in the church so were focusing in on that!

I challenge all of you this week to think about a friend that you can share the gospel with and do it!  Invite them over for a Family Home Evening!  Test it out!  If you never try youll never know!  Every Member is a Missionary!  Ive thought about this sometimes in my mission that if every member could try and help one of his non member friends just one a year to become a member and accept the gospel in their lives the Church would double in size.

There was a fun little Valentines Activity this Friday and I put on a funny tie that I found in the house out in the shed for the occasion!  And after the dance I saved a little girl toddler at dinner who went falling down the stairs but I jumped up from my seat fast and caught her before she had gone far!  

Saturday we taught all day starting at 8 in the morning!  One of the members had to fumigate his bosses house (something im very well acquainted with) and invited us to teach his boss and his wife while he was fumigating!  Went very well!  Hopefully they accept us when we come back for the cita we put!  Also had this dope guy named Rene who drives Moto Taxis and is a member make me an all out American Lunch!  Steak, potatoes, corn and barbecue chicken.  I ate til I couldnt.  It was soo good!  Hes legit.  Had to do some street magic with my pen and tie to get a lesson in with a little girl who we want to baptize but she is to shy.  It worked alright.  Shes just afraid of water mainly but if we can get past that shell be baptized in no time!  

Anyway that was my week!  Hope you all have a great next week as well!  Love and miss you guys!

Elder Hunt

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