Monday, April 18, 2016

WEEK #81 Calles de Chocolate

Hey guys!  So another week gone and Im sitting here writing you all again!  Its funny cause I just get lost in the weeks and then suddenly its Monday again and Im here.  Definitely feels like time is going fast.  Well this week was a bit slow.  It rained a ton, I got sick for half of the week with just a little cold so I was fine working but not feeling 100, and it was super muddy!  The roads here at night seriously looked like chocolate or the Rocky Road chocolate ice cream i think is what its called.  made me want some for sure.  The good thing though is that despite the slower week we had a great turn out on Sunday!  A lot of the main investigators that we wanted there showed up!  So that was happy for sure!

So Tuesday we had a multi zone conference.  Super fun seeing my buddies, especially some that I havent seen for about a year!  But nice to know that theyre doing good and still wondering around preaching the gospel here in Honduras!  We got to here some great, inspiring messages from President about the culture of our mission and a cool Message he gave about Jose Smith!  Loved it!  

This week with Tyron was kind of like hide and seek cause he doesnt have a cell phone and his burger joint as I said last week he had to shut it down and we couldnt make it to the cita on Tuesday and he doesnt have a phone so we had to find his house and then he wasnt home and so we had to leave a note and finally found him on Saturday!  But we had a great lesson with him and the spirit was so strong!  He really honestly didnt have any faith when we started but now that weve planted the seed weve seen it grow and its so miraculous to see the changes going on in his life.  He is recognizing it a lot too and told us that he knows he actually has faith now.  Hard to describe it all but seeing a mighty change in him.  Hes not the same Tyron we started with thats for sure.

I find it funny that people here sometime are so attached to their religion that after you get done with a killer first lesson about the Restoration and ask them to pray to know if its true they just will tell you no Im comfortable where Im at, I like my church.  But what if theres more?  We all know theres more!  People just get so caught up in their traditions and customs.  If they had faith they would pray.  

Friday was about as good as the weather.  Just like everything failed basically and the only lesson and thing that we thought was soo good was quickly shut down as the member after told us that the guy was just lying to us and wasnt actually reading the Book of Mormon and is never gonna go to church, cause thats what he said to all the Elders before us.  But theres always hope!  

Well sorry that this letter wasnt that great, dont have any more time here but Im looking forward to this next week and honestly know that its gonna be a great one!  Feeling good about it!  Remember that your future is as bright as your faith!   Hope you all have a great week!  

Love Elder Hunt

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