Monday, April 18, 2016

WEEK #83 The Gospel is a Spiritual Gym

Hello again.  Soo things are starting to heat up here in Santa Cruz.  I think the cold fronts are done for now and here comes Semana Santa upon us once more.  Last one here in Honduras.  I wish you all could feel the heat.  But it shouldnt be too unbearable cause its not as humid here up in the mountains.  Just high 90s this week haha.  So there were changes this week but no one here got changed however in our zone we got 4 brand new greenies that came in and plus the 1 that is still in training which is a total of 5.  Thats the most Ive ever seen in any of my zones.  Should be fun.

So this Tuesday we put a baptismal date with a family of 3 the Familia Ricarte for the 26th they went to church this week again and loved it!  Things are going really good with them she just has a little problem with Coffee and they just need to pray a little more, but they like the church a lot so please pray for them that they can make the sacrifices necessary to be baptized in the only living and true church.  On Wednesday we went to changes and got the Newbies and also said goodbye to my good buddy and comp Elder Purcell hes the last of my old comps that I have here in the mission and now its me.  Feels weird.  Also said goodbye to Colindres and Alfaro and some other good buddies.  Everyones heading home.  Crazy stuff.

We were getting Meidi ready for her baptism on Saturday and went to go over the baptismal interview questions with her on Thursday and got to the Word of Wisdom and asked if she had taken any coffee and she said no but something did happen and its that my neighbor offered me a cup of coffee and I didnt want to be rude to her so I took it and just dipped bread in it and ate the bread cause I didnt want to offend her but that doesnt count right?  and we were like ughh dang well ya it does count cause you still had a little bit of coffee and we cant take any.  So it was a good learning experience for her and her family to know that 0 coffee is allowed and we just pushed it back 1 week so it will be this Saturday and she came to church this Sunday and was happy so everything should be just fine!  So please pray for her as well as shes going through these changes in her life and setting a great example for her whole family!  Thursday night the lights went out so we slept without fans.  It was hott.

Friday morning we went to the ZL meeting and it was soo fun.  Now theres 2 more ZLs from my group that came from the MTC now we just need the other 2 to come up and will be complete!  It would be soo cool!  Im hoping that my buddy will come up here to Santa Cruz this next change being as my comp is finishing this change!  It would be Legendary!  Ate some Joes Pizza after the meeting and the chef dude there is from New York and is soo dope.  His food was soo good.  Got to sing a little bit of Karoake Friday night with the Familia Guzman!  There legit.

Started going to the gym this week as well and its actually a pretty nice place.  Makes me feel at home again.  Found out that one of our couples that were trying to get married and baptized (Adanai) are gonna get married in May!  So thats gonna be good!  Ill still be here which will be awesome!  Bummer for my comp as hes leaving but good thing is that theyre gonna get married!  Just gotta wait a little!  

Definitely one of the coolest things this week was on Sunday during the 3rd hour when all the priesthood were together cause our Convert David who got baptized a month ago was able to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and be ordained to the office of Priest!  So this next week he should be blessing the sacrament as well!  Its soo cool to see this stuff and he was ordained by a Priest and the Preist during the little blessing he gave after conferring the priesthood blessed him that he would be able to serve a mission in the future and David has told us multiple times that hes going!  Really such a great guy.

Just a little thought to finish.  I love the scripture that is in 3 Ne 13:33.  It basically says Search first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness and then all these things will be added upon you.  I know this to be true.  When we put God first in our lives above all other things, we will be number 1 for him.  He will bless us and give us everything we need in this life to be happy.  Ive seen this time and time again in my life and the life of my family.  The gospel really is happiness.  Its so simple and beautiful.  If we compare it to the gym its like God has given us all the machines and weights and workouts and diet that we need to do to get ripped.  And if we use and apply these things in our lives and follow the plan.. we will always be happy and have peace and joy and be spiritually buff like Nephi.  I love you all!  Have a great week!

Love Elder Hunt  

P.S.  please pray for our investigator Tyron as well this week that he will be able to put his trust in God and be able to make the sacrifices necessary to join the church.  Hes almost there.. just needs a little extra love.  :)

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