Monday, April 18, 2016

WEEK #82 Fishing

Hey guys!  Great to hear from you alot of you this week!  Things are going pretty swell up here in Santa Cruz.  Had some good weather this week lots of rain and sun!  Not to hot not to cold!  Today we woke up a little earlier and headed out Cajon which is like a dam and we went to the lake above it and went fishing!  It was legit!  We went with some sweet members from here and my first cast out off my block of wood fishing line and hook with some ghetto home made powerbait was legit.  5 seconds in the water and then I had a fish hooked!  Then I casted out again and got another!  Not the biggest fish but fun doing it!  Only got 1 more after that but everyone was like wow this Gringo is a pro!  Got a little burnt out in the sun but had a great time and we cooked up the fish once we got home and ate them for lunch with some grilled corn on the cob!  It was really good!

We had some really good progress this week and some legit lessons.  We found a family a couple weeks ago called the Familia Ricarte and its a single mom with 2 kids Edwin and Ariel.  There catholics well the kids at least but the Mom never has really liked the Catholic church and well shes loving everything that weve taught and loving the Book of Mormon and this was the first week that they all came to church and they loved it!  We had a special broadcast just for Central America from the General Authorities in Utah and Elder Anderson.  It was super good but it was a bummer cause the power went out as soon as Elder Anderson started to talk.  But all the investigators loved the church!  We had 7 there in total!  Great turn out!

We put a Baptismal date this week for Tyron for the 19th of March!  and we also have a baptism lined up for this Saturday so lets pray for him and Meidi that everything will be able to work out and that the dates will be able to stick!  :)  Also saw this week that a lot of investigators took more interest into the church after having gone last week!  They saw for themselves how it was and loved it!  And Wednesday night we played soccer with the mutual people and it was legit like my best Soccer on the ciment court by any church that I have ever played!  Im legit Ronaldo status.   and we play volleyball here like every week its soo fun.  We dominate!  and we dominated some basketball as well.

But ya that was about my week.  Nice and simple and some good progress!  I always find it super interesting when we have to give counsel and teach people about marriage and lasting relationships not even knowing what marriage is like but the spirit always helps us to know what to say and cool thing about missions is that you kind of learn how to be a good companion and such.  But anyway hope you all have a great week!  Love you guys!

Love Elder Haden

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