Monday, January 11, 2016

WEEK #66 Going Good

Hey everyone hope you all had a great week!  Mine was pretty legit!  Got some good hard work in and having loads of fun with my kid.  Training is so awesome!  Just hope I can make this guy into the best missionary he can be, he's already helping me to get to another level as well!  Played some basketball this morning with this member from our ward so fun!  He's legit.

So lets see highlights of this week were the following!  Rosas mom got sick like 3 weeks ago and that's been putting a lot of stress on her and she's been really worried about her mom and such and not been able to focus so much on the church and reading and stuff.  But we were able to get here encouraged again this week!  We prayed for her mom at the beginning of the week and she's already starting to get better which is really good and also we watched the video John Tanner with her and she loved it so much and even started crying and it really got her encouraged to be able to start to make little sacrifices in her life and to get going even better towards her baptism!!  Little Jefferson her nephew is also doing real good and is ready to be baptized but we want to do the 2 at the same time the same day cause I think it would be better that way but we'll see what happens!

Our Bishop took us out to Burger King this week and shouted us all whatever we wanted!  Pretty dope!  We did a lot of contacting this week!  If a cita falls we don't waste anytime and just start contacting everyone and their dog.  Getting some stuff started!  We actually found a really cool humble family this week that was just waiting for us to knock on the door.  I can really see them progressing being as the man was just so humble and grateful to be visited by Gods Servants!  They have like 7 kids!  Hopefully, they can accept this gospel!  They need it right now in their lives!

We went with that Evangelical guy that was going all crazy on us last week and this week had a crazy good lesson with him.  The difference is that he actually let us talk and he understood the message really well.  The spirit was there and not contention.  It was so cool.  My comp and I are getting really good at doing the first lesson together!  He has such a cool conversion testimony story.  Really cool to hear.  He wants everyone to serve a mission it's so awesome!  He's only been a member for 3 years now.  Such a cool guy!

My comp Elder Martinez is also super funny with what he says.  He's like always talking about how much better Mexico is than Honduras and saying how people cna't speak here that well and he has such a strong opinion on everyting it's hilarious to hear!

Got some investigators to church this Sunday.  It was good!  Kinda had a fluke stupid thing happen though cause our investigator Will came to church and was locked out of the door as we were taking the Sacrament and he waited outside for a little and as soon as it was over I went out and he had left so we went looking for him on the trail to house but he had gone the opposite way and had a big fluke confusion happen.  Stunk but there's always next week!  Cool thing is that we ate with Moses after church and had a cool talk about the Book of Mormon!  He's a super cool guy!  He's gonna start reading more and gonna pray!

Anyway things are going good here and training is super cool!  Learning a lot and feeling like I'm growing a lot right now more than ever.  The church is true!  God lives and answers our prayers!  Thanks for all of your prayers in my behalf.  I could really feel them this week and thanks for all your support and love always.  It helps tons!  Hope you all have a great week!  Enjoy the Holidays!!  It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

Love Elder Cazador

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