Monday, January 11, 2016

WEEK #73 Feliz Ano Nuevo

Hey hows it going everybody??  Hope you all had a Merry White Christmas and that you all enjoyed the heaps of snow!  It looked sooo good!!  Your all soo lucky!  While you all had your heaters going for Christmas we all had our fans running full blast and were trying not to sweat, cause it was super hot this week!!  But it definitely was a Christmas for the books!  One that Ill never forget!  We had a ton of fun and enjoyed sharing with others!

We had a Ward Christmas Dinner this week that was super delish!  Olaf even came!!  We saw lots of acts and dances and singing!  We even got to sing ourselves!  Threw on the Santa Hats and sang some Silent Night mixed with some Noche de Luz!  It sounded pretty legit for being kinda last minute!  Food was great though and we had a fun time hanging with the members and enjoying the Christmas spirit!!  Had some investigators there which was cool as well!

Thursday night was super cool!  Throughout the whole day we just went to the members houses and they gave us lots of Ticucos and Tamales and Sandwiches!!  Also Wednesday night another threw my comp a birthday party with cake and sandwiches it was dope!  It was fun being able to eat soo much food and go from one appointment to the other getting stuffed, it was basically Thanksgiving!  After about 4 Ticucos (basically are tamales) and 2 Tamales and 1 sandwich we went to our final appointment of the night and it was super cool.  I had (with the help of my parents) got some gifts for this poor family that doesn't have much and their 2 twin daughters and 8 year old daughter who just got out of the Hospital some little toys and gifts!  We went over there in the night and I dressed up kinda like Santa Clause and brought all the gifts wrapped into their house saying HOHOHO Feliz Navidad and jingling my keys!  They were so excited and I put all the gifts under the tree and just seeing the looks on their faces was priceless!!  Then the member gave us a nice turkey dinner cause he wanted to do something super nice for us as well.  It was sooo delicious and somehow we were able to get all that food down without problems!  

Then the 24th in the night was pretty crazy again!  As soon as 12 o clock rolled around the whole night sky lit up with fireworks and firecrackers and booms and bangs and colors and chinese lanterns!  It was super legit!  Alot cooler than Santa Barbara last year cause there were definitely more fireworks going off and commotion!  Cant wait for New Years as well!!  I'd imagine that being in a war zone would kinda feel like the 24th or 31st just lots of lights and booms and bangs everywhere!  Pretty cool stuff!

Christmas day was soo goood as well!  We all had a zone activity in the morning to play some games, exchange some gifts and watch some videos together and focus in on the true meaning of Christmas even more!!  It was pretty cool and then my favorite part of the day was being able to talk with my family!!  It was soo fun!  I enjoyed every second!  Its different here in Honduras cause basically no one is a Christmas fanatic and so it was great being able to share the same enthusiasm for Christmas with my family!  Love those guys!!

Anyway really cool week and had some great experiences!  Wish I could tell you everything with all the details but this letter is getting too long haha!  Hope you all had a Holly Jolly Christmas and that you have a Happy New Years as well!!  Make some goals, set your priorities, tackle the most important goals first and just stick with it!!  Hope you all enjoy the fresh new start of the year and that you can all set some great goals for your lives!!  I'm stoked about mine!!  Love you all and have a great week!!  Have fun in the snow!!  2016!!!  Lets Go!!

Love Elder Hunt

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