Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WEEK #58 Cooking!

Elder Hunt looking sharp with his Honduran tie!
So ya it was pretty hot this week.  But yesterday I was honestly just thinking as I walked out of the church and looking at the sunset and the palm trees surrounding the church and just thinking to myself there is nowhere else I would rather be right now.  How cool is this scenery.  but ya getting a little cooked here in the sun and also we stopped eating with our lady that makes us food usually and decided to start cooking for a little cause we were getting a little tired of the rice and beans and tortillas and eggs and chicken every day.  haha so this week we decided to start cooking and well the first day was a super funny experience.  tried making some spaghetti and it was terrible.  the sauce was so chunky and thick and the noodles all stuck together.  we started off the meal like ya man this is so much better than her food and i finally managed to get all my down and Ririe was asking me Hey man can you pour more water on my spaghetti?  He ate like half of it and couldnt finish cause it was so terrible.  I dont think ive ever heard that line before though so it was pretty funny.  the rest of the week turned out good and we actually got a sick recipe from a member for spaghetti so all is good now! 

but ya it was a good week.  we got a lot of lessons in and made some good progress with alot of our investigators.  the dude were probably most stoked about right now is Will.  He is progressing so good and is reading everything we leave him and investigating it so hard!  he always has so many questions when we come and its gonna be really cool this next week cause its gonna be the first time that he can come to church cause he doesnt have to work these next 4 sundays!!  hopefully he loves it but he basically told us this week as we were asking him hows it going with his studies with the JWs he told us that well ya its been a while since ive studied with them.  ive got the truth right here and my new brothers here with you guys and im not going back!!  super cool to hear that!!  he then invited us to a family birthday party of his little niece and was introducing us to his whole family!  his mom dad and sisters and everyone!  we all sat at a table in the middle of everyone and he was like ya they are all evangelicals, and basically saying that we need to teach them soon.  basically like he already has his mind set that hes a mormon like one of us!  so awesome!!  such a humble guy!

not much more happened this week just watched Meet the Mormons this Saturday with the ward for an activity and the spirit was so strong there and we had a good turn out with investigators showing up!  gonna watch this movie with some other people too cause its honestly soo good!!  only bummer this week is that no one showed up to church on Sunday..  so that stunk but will have a good turn out next week for sure!!  good things happening here.  Rosa is doing very well as well!

Anyways I love you all and miss you guys tons.  Missing watching football and playing for that matter and all that good stuff but glad to be out here serving the Lord and helping the people here in Honduras.  Keep praying for us please and thanks for all your support and love always!!  Enjoy the leaves changing colors and the mountains.  Go BYU!

Love Elder Hunt

P.S. shout out to Dave Glenn Happy Birthday man hope its a good one for you!

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