Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WEEK #59 Pause

So today was so beautiful!  First day in forever that it wasnt a billion degrees hot and there was nice cloud coverage today like low 80s i feel like and we went out and played football as a zone and chilled!  Felt so nice to not be sweating for a change.  It was wonderful.

So not much to report about this week.  My comp on Tuesday was not feeling his best and was hurting to walk, so we went to the doctor the next day and found out that he needed some surgery.  So they did some surgery on him and basically we had to stay in the house all this week and let him rest so that he can heal.  It was a bummer not being able to work but just a little hold up!  Our Mission President came by the house to check up on him and was asking us if we were getting in some nice R and R.  Rest and relaxation. haha so ya thats basically all we did all week.  Kind of got super boring but it was nice.  Hopefully hes better so we can work this next week.  Please pray for him that he may heal fast!  But looks like every Wednesday we are going to have to go to San Pedro to get him checked up.  It was also super funny when he was getting operated on.  I just heard them like so ya were gonna inject you now with anesthesia this might hurt and a second later OUUUCH.  and all that fun stuff.  Super funny.  Hes been waddling around like a penguin all week. 

So anyway that was basically our week.  I made Baleadas for the first time without any help at all from any Hondurans and they turned out delicious.  So get ready for some Baleadas when I get back!  Also I just wish that people were married here.  We have like 4 Pilas Families that are just lacking getting married and they could get baptized.  Then they get discouraged cause the marriage process takes so long and forget about baptism.  So pray for us here please!!  Love all you guys!!  Miss you tons!  Have a great week!  

Elder Cazador

P.S. i got one of our investigators to lend us their guitar this week so that was fun.  literally played til I had blisters on my fingers haha love you guys

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