Monday, September 15, 2014

WEEK #6 Spanish is Coming!

Les queremosss muchooo!! son los mejores!!!
We love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best!!

So this week was much, much better with Spanish!  Thanks for all the prayers!  Last week I hardly knew what was going on in the lessons and felt lost and this week i pretty much understood everything that was going on in all the lessons and even taught these past couple of days a little!!  The weather this week was a lot of cloud coverage and rain!  It felt so nice!  Much better than the hot sun beating down on us all day haha hopefully we will get lucky this next week as well!  At night it usually dumps a whole lot of rain and we get to fall asleep to the sound of rain pouring down which I love!  It rains super hard here!

So on Saturday we got to go do a service at the casa rosada!  We took a bus clear out into the middle of nowhere and hiked on this trail going to the house.  However there was a river that got in the way.  Usually you can walk on sandbags to the other side but the water had rose and so the sand bags were covered by a foot!  so we had to take our shoes off and walk through this nasty, nasty water.  We got to the other side and Elder Wing pointed at a log and there was gross lookin stuff up against it and he said you know what that is?  Is you can imagine it was poop.  so we basically walked through sewer water.  We wiped off our shoes on leaves and bushes the best we could and put our shoes back on and continued to the house.  We got there and it was this little farm house.  There was cows and pigs and palm trees everywhere!  We started helping them move bricks from one place to the other and there house was filthy.  There was tirantulas and cockroaches crawling around everywhere!  We moved all their furniture out and swept the house and mopped it and then moved everything back in.  It´s hard to believe that the people could live in that filth but they´re accustomed to it I guess.  I got to chopp grass for the first time with a machette!! It was legit!  It´s such hard work!  You have to bend down so low and try and get the blade even to the ground and then slice the grass over and over again.  I got blisters on my fingers.  You guys at home are lucky to have a weed wacker haha.  We also picked coconuts of a palm tree!  Basically you climb this ladder thats about 6 feet tall and then you have this pole with a hook on the end.  You balance on the ladder and try to get the hook hooked on a coconut and then yank super hard.  The coconut then falls and you never know where its gonna go..  Elder Marte almost got hit in the face but moved just in time and it hit his arm on the way down haha.  We then cut the cocnuts open and drank the juice right out of it!  It was super sweet and good!  Then we ate the insides as well.  Pretty cool experience!

so i´ve learned that the people here are super receptive, like we´ll give them a pamphlet and set an appointment with them and teach them the first lesson!  Then will ask them if they will follow the example that Jesus Christ set and be baptized by proper priesthood authority like Jesus was and they say yes.  Will teach them more lessons after that and set there baptismal date but they need to come to church 3 times before they can be baptized and none of them come to church.  Everyones kinda just uncommitted here and a little bit lazy..  They love talking with us and accept our message but they don´t act on it or do anything with it which is super frusturating.  It´s also kinda hard cause are area is about 3 miles away from the church we attend and its a 45 minute walk to our area every day so its hard for them to get to church.  We ask the members here if they can help carpool our investigators but they usually only have room for their own famillies.  So this next sunday were gonna wake up super early and walk to are area and try to get them to come with us to church!  We have 25 new investigators and 10 of them are progressing pretty good so hopefully we can get them to church.  If any of you guys have some good ideas though on how to get them to church please let me know!  Would love to hear some good ideas!

Thats it for now!  Love to hear from all of you!  Love you guys!  I¨m gonna send some pictures in a sec! 
Love Elder Hunt

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