Thursday, December 11, 2014

WEEK #18 Dengue Virus

Merry Christmas!
On the first day of December a mosquito gave to me.. a virus thats called Dengue.  Hello everyone!  So this week I was down for the good first 5 days like Monday through Thursday with a virus called Dengue.  The symptoms.. well in the MTC they told us I hope none of you get this cause it's horrible.  Just had super chills, a fever of 103.7, my head hurt ALOT, it wrecked my throat and gave me a cough, and just made me so weak for like 4 days.  I had to lay in bed for 3 days straight and drink a ton of water so it kind of stunk to say the least but I feel a lot better now and am ready to get back to work!

The Sister Missionaries know how to cook-YUM!
So despite the sickness starting December we were able to end the week with the 2 and a half days we worked with 11 new investigators.  We've been doing this new thing that the church has out called El es la Dadiva.  Which means He is the gift!  We just walk up to a lot of people every day and talk to them about how Jesus Christ is the best gift the world has ever received and how much God loves us and wants us to return to Him and that is why He sent his son.  We talk to them about how we need to remember Jesus during this holiday season and need to be thinking about the real reason behind Christmas!  These pass along cards work great!  Hopefully this next week with me being healthy we will be able to find even more people!

I hope you all got to listen to the First Presidency Message on Christmas!  I really enjoyed it and loved hearing the story about the 10 cents and the candy and the one week of Holidays for that little boy.  I hope it all got you in the holiday Christmas spirit.  During this time we need to look for those people that need our help and reach out and help the people who don't have a lot.  

Anyway right now I'm missing the mountains, and the snow, and the christmas decorations that everyone has on their houses and the cold from home, but I know this is where I am supposed to be right now.  I hope you all are enjoying the cold and I would love to here from all of you and if you would like to send me pictures or a nice Christmas letter that would be great too!

Love Elder Hunt

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