Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WEEK #19 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Merry Christmas 

We had a Christmas Multi Zone meeting on Tuesday which was awesome!  We got to listen to our Mission President and his wife and eat lots of food and Sister Dester even made us brownies!!  They were so delicious!  I got to see my old companion from the MTC Elder McNeely and it was awesome being able to talk to him and everyone else and enjoy eachothers company and sing songs and celebrate Christmas some more!

After using a machete for 4 hours we made this... Oh Christmas Tree!
We have our investigator Omar who has really been progressing and giving us tons of references and has been doing really good and we had a baptismal date for them on this Saturday but I dont think its going to happen cause he didnt show up to church this Sunday and I guess hes been feeling a bit to rushed so that was some kind of sad news to hear.  But hopefully we can push the date back a little further and be able to keep progressing with him!  Hopefully we can figure that out and have some good news for next week!

This is a little miracle we were able to see this week.  One of our investigators Yolany hasnt been able to make it to church lately because she got a new job and they required her to work on Sunday.  So we had a lesson about fasting with her and we decided to fast that her boss would let her be able to go to church on sunday.  We fasted and were looking for her on Sunday and it was a no show.  so we were kind of bummed, but then we talked to the little old lady she lives with and she told us that her boss told her that she could start having work off on Sunday and we were so happy!  A little miracle we were able to see through the power of fasting and it made my testimony of fasting grow even stronger!

Pizza- delicious!
I gave a talk this Sunday on how Jesus Christ showed his love for others.  It went pretty well, its still hard and a little scary to give a talk in a different language, but I hope they could feel the spirit as I spoke because the spirit is the real teacher in every situation.  It is amazing how much Jesus Christ loves us.  From healing the sick and afflicted out of compassion, to washing the feet of his disciples, to giving his life for us.  There is a scripture in John 15 that talks about his love the greatest of all, to the laying down of his life for his friends.  And he says that we are his friends if we keep his commandments.  So during this Holiday season let us all be a little kinder towards one another, love a little deeper, serve one another a little more, and try and remember Jesus Christ every day and try to become like him and improve ourselves each day. 

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