Sunday, April 12, 2015

WEEK #35 General Conference

Hey, how are ya?  Hope you all had a great week in Utah or wherever you are for spring break!!  Life is too good here in Villanueva!  I love this place!!  My new companion is awesome and the members and the area are so good too!  I hope you all were able to listen to the talks and the words from the living prophet and apostles this past weekend.  If you didn't get to make sure you go back and watch them!!  They're too good to miss!

My new companion Elder Gomez
So this week flew by in a flash and I have lots of pictures to show you all what went down!  Tuesday I went around saying goodbye to everyone in Santa Barbara and Uranya (Elder Cerros convert) had us all over for a huge barbecue.  I thought it was gonna be the average Honduras stuff, but she went all out and there was so much food!!  Reminded me of a barbecue from the states it was so good!  On Wednesday we all got up at 430 in the morning and headed out to San Pedro Sula for the changes!!  I got to hang out with my boy Elder Fackrell for a while which was nice!  He's headed to my first area I was in which is cool!! Puerto Cortes!!  Took the bus here to Villanueva and met my new companion Elder Gomez!  He's my second latin comp from Hue Hue Tanango Guetamala!!  Hes a funny little guy and this is actually his last change in the mission thens hes off to his house!  Crazy!  He knows a ton though about the gospel and is teaching me a lot already!  Its also way cool to be speaking spanish all day every day!!  I love it!  We walked to the top of this huge bridge here over a river and because it was Semana Santa everyone was out at this big river playing in it like the ocean!  It was funny to watch and tons of people were bridge jumping!  Made me want to flip it!

My new area is beautiful!
My new area is way good as well!  The members are legit!  They all feed us and take turn feeding us for free!  They give us tons of food too and its way good!  We don't have a ton of investigators right now cause Gomez last companion went home early and he was in a trio with other missionaries and couldn't work for the last 2 weeks in our area so right now were gonna try to get it back on its feet!  I'm excited to be working somewhere new though and being able to share the gospel with these people here!

Just some quick thoughts about general conference then Ill send some photos!  We heard a lot about the family and how important it is and how we can strengthen it.  We learned more about the role of our Savior Jesus Christ and how through his atonement the doors of heavens are opened and the windows of heavens are unlocked.  His atonement not only cleanses our sins, but it lifts us up when we fall and strengthens us and expounds our capacities to be more than we are.  There were many other things that we could have learned and many other ideas expressed to help us in our lives.  Now as we know its good to listen to the talks but thats not the main point.  The main point is what are we going to do now that we have heard these talks?  Are we going to say I'll try to change tomorrow or are we going to start changing today?  So my challenge to all of you is to go over the talks or check your notes that you took and find things that you thing you could change in your life to be the best you that you can possibly be!  Ask like Uchtdorf said last conference Lord Is It I?  I know that as we all do this the Lord will reveal to us the things that we need to better in our lives and as we change we will have greater peace and joy in our lives.  There is no greater joy or peace on this earth than that that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ!  I bear testimony that this is his restored church and that he loves us and wants whats best for us!  I love you guys and hope you had a great Easter Weekend!  Miss you guys tons and Ill talk to you next week!

Love Elder Hunt 

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