Sunday, May 3, 2015

WEEK #36 Super Caliente

It's been so hot-this is how we cool off!
Something weird that I drank!
Yes, this is a tarantula!  
Man is it hot!  Definitely the hottest week of the mission so far.  My comp says that were living in Infierno.  Pretty true.  The humidity here is pretty intense.  Anyway this week was pretty good!  We got to work and found some new investigators to teach!!  Me and my comp made some pretty intense goals that are gonna push us to work super hard and talk with everyone!!
Lets see on Tuesday it was Elder Ochoas birthday!! Hes Elder Mcneelys comp from Mexico!  This kid is so funny!  He always makes us laugh just doing funny mexican things I guess.  Hes an interesting guy!  In the night time its still pretty hot so sometimes we all jump in our pila to cool off!!
On Thursday I saw the fattest little Honduran kid in the world.  He was only 2 and bigger than his 5 year old cousin and I guess this kid started walking when he was 9 months old!  I couldn't stop laughing I wish I would have had my camera!
Saturday I met this family that gave us lunch and the lady had just gotten back from Utah and showed me on her Ipad all these pictures of St. George, Mount Timpanogas, etc.  Ive forgotten how beautiful Utah is with the mountains and snow!!  She was really cool though and nice.  She kept telling me just how much she loved Chuckarama and Olive Garden and Tucanos haha.
Sunday was cool!  It was fast and testimony meeting of course so I got to go up and introduce myself and bare my testimony!  One thing thats way cool here is that the members dont just go up one by one.  If one person in the family goes up the whole family goes up and stands with them and they all bare their testimony one after the other and support each other.  I thought that was really cool.  Something I've never seen before! 
Another cool experience Sunday was that me and my comp were going to a members house and they have a dog outside on a chain that likes to charge you and get pulled back on the chain went it can't reach you.  So me and my comp were sneaking up on it and it was sleeping and then I pushed my comp a little further and it came charging us and we jumped back and it almost got us haha but the chain caught it.  We were having a nice little lesson with that family and then the dog saw a bike and started to chase after it and this time when the chain should have caught it the chain broke and the dog went free.  That just strengthened my testimony that we are protected out here as missionaries.  The chain could have broke with us but it didn't.  We probably shouldn't test the chain any more though! 
Anyway that was about it for my week.  Hope you all have a great next week!!  Go over the conference talks again and mark what sticks out to you!  Yo se que esta iglesia es la iglesia verdadera sobre todo la faz de la tierra!  No hay otro!  Jesucristo Vive!! I love you guys and miss you tons!! 
Love Elder Hunt

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