Thursday, May 21, 2015

WEEK #39 It's May!

I'm loving Honduras!

Pretty sweet week!!  Well a storm rolled in Tuesday night and it stormed super hard the whole night and its been cloud coverage and perfect weather ever since!!  So this week was a super nice break from the heat!!  So nice!!  Looks like we've made it past the hottest part of the year, so thats nice to hear!!  This week we worked hard and found lots of news and got lots of lessons in!  Things are progressing here, slowly, but progression is always good!!

So my package that my family sent like 6 weeks ago finally got here!!!  So good to get that!!!  They even sent me a little piece of carpet cause like no one has carpet here and I've missed it so much!!  It feels so goood!!  A little piece of home!!  Wednesday we had divisions with the Zone Leaders and so they came and my comp went on divisions with the bishop to go out and find more so they contacted the whole day and me and Elder Pauu the zone leader went to all the appointments and also found a lot contacting!!  Had a final total of like 12 lessons and 4 with a member and 8 news!!  Not bad!!  Gonna be visiting a lot of the new contacts tomorrow so pray that everything goes well with them and that theyll be interested in the message!!

Saturday we had a ward activity that was kind of a failure cause all the organizations were supposed to come up with an act but only the primary did and us as the missionaries so that kind of stunk but it was fun nonetheless.  I told some jokes, and juggled, and did some magic for them which was funny and we did a skit as missionaries which was pretty funny.  So I'll send some pictures of that and we also found a less active family this week, and did a Family Night with them and some of them came to church this Sunday which was cool to see.  The son is not baptized either so were gonna start working with him and the family a lot to get them reactivated and get him baptized hopefully!!  Also this next week we offered to do some service milking cows with an investigator and a less active!! So hopefully that goes good!  Excited to milk a cow being as Ive never done that haha I'll send pics!

Anyway were just trying to put in the work here in Brisas and my comps getting baggier and baggier but I'm still making him work though which is good!  Trying to get this ward moving!!  Hopefully we can do it!!  Keep praying for us and this area Brisas del Plan we sure need it!  I love you all and this Sunday Im so excited to be able to talk with my Mom and my family!!  Cant wait!!  Seems like this time has flied since the last time I talked with them on Christmas!  Pretty cool!  Miss you guys and much love from here in Honduras.  

Elder Hunt

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