Monday, May 18, 2015

WEEK #38 El Horno

My Elder Hunt
Hey guys!  Another week hotter than the last!  I guess its gonna be like this til like June but hey we might have some rain soon!  Gotta love getting out of the shower and then starting to sweat again as soon as you start ironing!  Its all good though!  My comp described this heat though pretty good he said its like putting a magnifying glass under the sun and pointing it on Honduras!  I wish you guys could feel this heat for just a day!

So this week we were having a Family Home Evening and I was sitting in a chair by a fan and this huge insect came out of nowhere and was flying above us.  This thing was massive and it came towards me and started buzzing around me so I stood up and tried to smack it out of the air and missed and then they were all saying its on you!  Its on you!  Lift up your arm!  So I was like trying to get this thing off me and it I guess it wasn't even on me but had fallen to the floor and they were all teasing me.  It was pretty funny!  But ya this beatle was pretty huge!  Also I have these 2 little kids that like to attack me with karate moves every time we go over to their house cause they were watching Jackay Chan or something like that so thats always fun!  They never give up either!  Its crazy!

Cow intestine soup- YUCK!
Tuesday I probably experienced the hottest day of my life the 21 of April 2015.  We were walking home from lunch and the sun was scorching us for like a mile and a half.  It didnt help that we ate sopa de mondogo (cow intestine, stomach soup) for lunch which was also really hot!  Ill send pictures!  But ya it was probably the hottest ive ever been in my life and we all hopped in the pila after!  All 4 of us!

We've started these Plan of Action Papers here with the members where they have to write down like 5 names for references that they can give us and they have to introduce the gospel to them give them a Book of Mormon and then invite them over for a Family Home Evening and invite us too and then from there we are going to teach them the lessons and have the members in the lessons!!  Hopefully it works, cause we dont have a lot right now!!  Our ward mission leader is pretty cool too and he came out with us to go check up on all the members and there plan of action!  Pray for this area Villanueva so that we can have more success and find the people that are waiting and ready to hear the gospel!! We need your prayers out here!!

Beautiful sunset
I got sick Saturday which was a bummer and my stomach was killing me all day and so we stayed in and I slept like the whole day with the fan blowing on me.  So that was fun but Sunday I wook up and was feeling a lot better which was good.  Sunday we ate lunch at this members house and he showed us this video on youtube of people like blowing up a baloon with a bottle and stuff and he was all excited to try and it and had all the stuff ready so we tried it!  Semi worked!  Hes a funny guy though and always has funny stuff like that that he wants to try!  Also Sunday I got to know some of our investigators a little better and found out that this lady Sonia that we have has been investigating the church since 2000.  She said 2000 and I was waiting for like 2014 or something but i guess theyve had the missionaries for 15 years now and still arent baptized!  Crazy!  Also we had a sweet lesson with a lady named Jessica and talked to her about how she can live with her family for forever and just because stuff happened in the past it doesnt mean that it will happen in the future!  We can learn from the past and the trials that we have and have a better life in the future and know how to make better decisions!!  I really think shes gonna progress!! Shes just gotta get married like everyone else here in Honduras!  

So that was this week!  Hopefully theres some good progress this next week!!  My comp is starting to get super baggy saying everynight 17 days left!! 16 days left!!  me voy!! im leaving!!  haha hes sick of this heat!  funny little guatemalan!  anyway just wanted to talk a little about what are mission president told us this last week!  he talked about the importance of Sunday and that he was in a conference with 3 members of the seventy, and the 3 members of the seventy were counseling them about what the 12 aposotles and prophet were counseling them on and what Jesus Christ was counseling them on which is the importance of the Sabbath Day.  That just goes to show how important the Sabbath Day is!!  A day to put aside all the wordly things and focus on the atonement of Jesus Christ and how he can clean and purify us even though we live in a world of turmoil.  A day to focus on the most important things.  Pretty cool to hear how that line of revelation works.  Anyways love you guys and hope you all have a great week!!!  Enjoy the weather in Utah for me and I cant wait to talk with you all next week!!  Miss you all a lot!!

Love Elder Hunt

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