Sunday, May 3, 2015

WEEK #37 Sauna

Loving life here in Honduras!
Middle of summer here in Honduras!!  Feels like Im in a permanent sauna haha.  Have you ever heard of excercising in Saunas??  I did that this morning lolz!  So we made some progress this week and found some pretty cool new people!  

On Tuesday and Thursday we taught this guy named Santa Ana and hes the husband of this recent convert here named Isidra!  Anyway we taught him twice this week and hes difficult.  He kinda likes to just argue everything we say and then after just says man i love talking about the bible with you guys haha so will keep working with him!  Its gonna be a hard one but Im actually learning a lot as hes testing our knowledge!  But my comp keeps saying once we convert this guy hell be a great leader in the church cause he knows alot!  So pretty cool!  

A scorpion we found!
We also found this new girl Angelina who used to live in Miami, Florida!  It was kind of like a best 2 years way of finding when we were having nothing and I said well lets go check out those hats and eat some chips and drinks at that store right there.  So we went over there and ended up finding this girl.  Shes way cool and wants to know more and has a huge family as well that we can teach!!  Im also gonna help her with her english and her grandchildren too!  30 minutes of lesson then like 30 minutes of english practice!  Hopefully it works out well!!  On Friday we also found some other sweet news who live right by us!!  I hope they all progress well!!  We also have these pretty good investigators Allan Vallecino and Jessica Mejia who were gonna put fechas with hopefully soon!!

This was a way cool day!
On Saturday Elder Mcneely (my comp from the MTC) and Elder Ochoa had a baptism!! The girls name is Astrid!  Pretty cool getting to see my comp from the mtc having a baptism!!  We got some pics too of that!!  Really cool though and now everyone in that family except for one is baptized!  The Dad baptized Astrid so that was cool to see as hes a recent convert too!  It was funny to watch him try and unplug the plug after the baptism as he did a diving motion like a swan dive but couldnt get the plug undone for a while cause he was a little too chubby and couldnt sink in the water!  Hes a really funny dude!  Also Sunday I had to give a little suprise talk/testimony cause the bishop called me up to share my thoughts about missionary work after McNeelys talk and I had no idea he was going to do that haha so that was fun but I think I did alright!

Anyway pretty chill fun week this week and hoping to get alot accomplished this next week!!  Life is good here though can't complain!!  Learning a lot every day and trying to build the Lords kingdom here in Honduras!!  Its hard but worth it!!  Sure miss you guys and love you all!  Til next week!

Love Elder Hunt

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  1. Saunas are quite alright. They are soothing, can be very relaxing, and they help you excise all the toxins in your body by sweating. But while saunas would seem redundant during hot weather, they still serve their purpose, especially if you’re looking for a good detox. Thank you for sharing your sauna-themed week. Cheers!

    Ronni Casillas @ JNH Lifestyles