Sunday, May 24, 2015

WEEK #41 Waterfalls and seeing Elder Measles

A beautiful day!

Fun day at the waterfall!
This week I showed my new comp around and he's way tight!  His name is Elder Estrada from El Salvador!  He has 20 months in the mission and lacks 3 changes!  But he's super chill and cool and we get along great and we're working super hard!  I feel like we're gonna get a lot done in this change!!  Today we went to one of the most beautiful waterfalls ever!  It was so cool!!  Ill send some pics!
We helped this old guy Eliazar a member this week.  Its honestly kind of sad but extremely humbling to see people like him.  He lives in a little shack and has a hammock for a bed.  This guys is like 82 years old and lives solo.  Hes always reading the Book of Mormon whenever we see him its so legit.  But he had collected all of these cans and bottles to make money.  The guy came buy with his truck to collect all of his cans and we helped him load it in the truck.  All and all from like 300 bottles and cans the guy gave him 65 lempiras which is like 3 dollars in America.  But the Eliazar was so happy to be getting this money and just kept saying I am so blessed.  God knows I go to church and read and pray and he blesses me so much.  Just think about that for a little.  It honestly amazes me.
On Friday we had to go to Immigration to renew my companions residency card.  So we headed out to San Pedro Sula and we were just chilling with some other guys from the East mission who were there and I was talking to them asking if they knew Beeston or Measles and telling them that those are my good buddies from Lehi and stuff.  It was pretty cool and then all of the sudden I looked out the window and what did I see good old Austin Measles walking into the building.  Super whack.  I had no idea that Measles was going to be there that day and it was so out of the blue and random!  It was so sick though!  Crazy seeing one of your good friends from home in the mission.  At the conference with Elder Anderson we didnt get to talk that much but this time at immigration we had to wait for like 3 hours and we got to talk for forever.  It was so tight!!  So good to catch up with him and just talk!  That night it rained a little and we played some jumprope with the little girls there it was so fun!
What a great surprise to see Elder Measles!
Saturday we had a medical camp in the church!  It was legit!  We had tons of people from all over show up to get treated medically for free and lots of the elders got new investigators in Villanueva which was super cool!  My new ZL Elder Best is super tight too and it was fun talking with him. 
Sunday we got 3 of our investigators to church!!  We went to their house in the morning and straight up just brought them!!  It was super legit though and hopefully this week we can set a baptismal date for all of them!!  A
lso Sunday in the night we ate with this super poor family that we are trying to reactivate but they gave us beans and eggs and tortillas the typical food here in Honduras and we played Bingo with them and some of my beans had little rocks in them.  I crunched like 3 and think I might have swallowed one.  Gotta love Honduras food! 
But ya this week was super legit and awesome!  My comp is legit!  Seeing Measles was whack!  And the work here is progressing!  Keep us in your prayers please!!  I love you all and hope you enjoy these pictures!!  Miss you tons and much love!!
Love Elder Hunt

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