Saturday, June 6, 2015

WEEK #42 A Sick Storm

Hey whats up everyone??  Hope your all enjoying the rainy weather in Utah!!  We actually got hit with a sick storm this week of pure water.  Dumped super hard for like 3 hours on Saturday and than called it quits.  Definitely want some more rain here in Honduras!!  This week was a good one, but not much to report!  Did lots of work and taught some pretty sweet lessons!  Had some good progress this week and 3 in church again that are progressing towards baptism here in the future!!
So first off let my just tell you that my companion is sweet!  Hes like an exact replica but just the latino version of my buddy Hunter Bolles from Lehi!  So its pretty cool!  We have a lot of fun together and are working super hard here every day.  This week we had some crazy lessons but we also had lots of heart felt spiritual ones.  Its crazy the different things the variety of things that can happen in lessons!
This week we did a Noche de Hogar or a family home evening with the family of hermana isidra.  Isidra is a new convert and is the only one in her family that is a member.  She has 12 children and tons of grand children and in her house they live 12 people in total.  Of course all of her kids are moved out except for one that cares for her mom and then the rest are the grandchildren of Isidra.  This poor lady has to deal with a lot of persecution from her family every day and it has a hard affect on her but she has the strongest testimony of the church and the gospel and just knows that one day it will bless her family.  But its gonna be a while.  We had a Noche de Hogar with her family and we were going to share something simple a video about the family and being good for your parents and such, but this lesson turned into a jumbled mess of questions, attacking, contention, etc.  A lesson Ill never forget.  We started it off with a hymn and a prayer and started talking about the family and had everyone say one thing that they love about their family.  It went really well, but then one of the grandchildren asked a question and we went off on a spree of questions jumping from one subject to another, and receiving accusations and such.  I finally stopped it and said alright were not accomplishing anything right now.  Me and my companion had planned to share this message about the family and we would like to do so if you will let us.  We then tried to share a message about the Plan of Salvation, and the funny thing is is that they believed in everything that we explained and agreed but they got so lost trying to argue it inside their heads that they thought that we didnt believe the same thing even though they were agreeing with everything we said.  In this lesson they both stood up on their feet and were talking in loud voices, and searching the scriptures so hard for something.. they never used any scriptures or anything but they were trying to find something to contend with us.  Anyway it just went to show me that contetion is from Satan and that we can't teach with a spirit of contention and that we just waste our time when people are trying to argue with us.  The cool thing about this lesson though is that Isidras daughter Dunya was actually listening and was trying to defend with us and believed and liked what we were saying so we are going to focus in with her!!  I just feel bad for this poor lady Isidra who bore a strong testimony of how she had raised these kids and she knows whats best for them and knows this gospel can help them so much, but their hearts are just so hardened.
Now a different example is that we explained the Book of Mormon with a new family that we just found and they listened quitely and asked some simple, heart felt questions with a desire of seeking truth and we were able to teach them with the spirit and at the end asked them if they will be baptized once they have a answer from God if these things are true and that the Book of Mormon is true and they both said yes.  It was a really good lesson and the spirit was present. 
Anyway cool week.  Learned a lot!  We had a multi zone conference which was super cool and President talked about the Holy Ghost.  He is such an awesome president and I feel like he will definitely be a member of the 70 one day and will see him at General Conference speaking here soon!  Anyway played lots of soccer this week!  Dominated it!  Played in the rain!  Helped a taxi driver with a flat tire, helped a guy carry wood on a dirt trail in the forest with his horses.  Sang Called to Serve for a member in English to give him some uplift, gave a blessing to a old lady who was sick.  Being a missionary is awesome and Im glad that I have the opportunity to do it right now.  I know that there is no better place to be than serving the Lord!!  Love you all and miss you tons!!
Love Elder Hunt

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