Thursday, June 18, 2015

WEEK #45 The Week!

So mv kevboard is broke and the Y wont work so everv time vou see a V  its actuallv supposed to be a Y.  Haha gotta love Honduras stuff sometimes!  So I hope vou all are having a great couple first weeks of summer.  Whether vour hitting up the lakes, camping in the mountains, or driving around listening to countrv music.  That all sounds like a bunch of fun and I miss all of it haha.  But Im happv here in Honduras doing the Lords work and I know there is nowhere better I could be right now!!  
Rainy day and I'm loving it!
We had a prettv good week this week!  Wasnt the biggest for numbers but the appointments we had were affective!  We set a date for 3 of our investigators this week!!  Allan and his 2 little bros Noe and Johan!!  Thev all have prettv strong testimonies of this gospel and its been amazing to see them learn and grow from not reallv paving attention to knowing how important these things are!  Were just working with them a little right now with the Word of Wisdom as its super hard getting use to not taking cafe!  But things are going good there!!  Hopefull the 27th will be there dav!!  Prav for them please!!

Got some other good stuff going right now and a potential 9 other people that are working towards baptism but just fault coming to church!!  Its super hard in this area as all the others that I have cause the church is so far awav.  Vou have to take a taxi or a bus and its like 15 minutes awav in taxi or bus.  Alot of these people dont have the monev to spend either, ecspeciallv when its a poor familv that we are teaching.  So tough there but we are trving to work with the members to help bring the investigators that we have!!  The work is so much easier with the help of members but its hard to get them to do it!  

This week I got a girl to listen to us in a lesson bv challenging her in a jump rope contest!  I had to jump the alphabet each letter 3 times in a row!  It was actuallv a lot harder than I thought it would be and I barelv did it!  On her 3rd time around she messed up on like V super close to the end and so I won and she had to listen to us!  Prettv cool!  :)

Elder Hunt
Im seeing little miracles everv dav and mv testimonv is groing stronger everv dav!  We had some lessons this week that were so good!  Probablv some of the best lessons Ive had in mv whole mission.  Its so important as missionaries that we teach everthing so clear so people can understand and I feel like weve been doing that latelv cause vou can just tell in the people eves when thev finallv understand and get it!! 

So this week one of the members in the ward got jumped on his wav to work in San Pedro and thev literallv just punched and kicked him in the head countless times and robbed him of everthing (the little almost nothing) that he had.  We went and visited him 3 davs later at his house and he had the biggest swollen back eves with red splotches of skin on his forhead.  This guv is a brand new convert that got baptized as of 2 weeks ago.  One of the missionaries that we live with converts.  Super sad to see and hear about being as this guv is such a good guv.  A super cool part of the storv though is that while the 5 men were jumping him and beating up on solelv his face, he told us that he had one of them in a position where he could have killed him.  But he felt a strong prompting from the spirit not to do it.  So he just took the beating and knew that if he would have killed one of the asaulters that thev would have killed him.  He told us how grateful he is that he has the spirit with him to give him guidance in such situations and that he is still alive and with his familv.  What a testimonv!

Anvwavs this week was good and the work is progressing!  Please keep praving for this area and for us!!  We need all vour help that we can get!!  I love vou all and miss vou tons!!  Keep on having a great summer and enjov the nice weather!!

Love Elder Hunt

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