Thursday, June 18, 2015

WEEK #44 Great Week!!

One of my favorite families!
Thisweek was some good weather, not too hot, nice and cloudy with some good breezes as well!  Hey everybody this last week was awesome!!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes and all the love sent this way!! I had a great birthday and the work is going good here!! 

On Tuesday me and my comp didnt have lunch so we decided to make some Egg and Baloney sandwiches and we found a toaster in our house to use to toast the bread!!  The funny thing is, is that my comp had no idea how to use the toaster as he'd practically never seen one before or used one!  So that was funny teaching him how to use a toaster!!

On Wednesday we had a sweet lesson with Allan and his little brothers and they all decided that they want to get baptized!!  So we just gotta work with them a little more and get them to church a little more!!  Super cool though!!  And they want to get baptized in a river like Jesus!!  And they are pretty set on a river and not a font!  So thats gonna be way cool!!  We also played soccer with his Dad after and are slowly gaining his confidence!  Hopefully in the future the whole family will be able to be baptized!  They are such an awesome family!!

Ribs for my birthday dinner!
Thursday was my birthday and it was one of the favorite ones Ive ever had!  The Patriarch of the ward bought us all some pizza and wings and soda to celebrate my birthday for lunch and it was so much food and soo good!!  We had some sweet lessons this day and we went with my favorite family Hna Isidra and her family!!  It was such a cool lesson about the Plan of Salvation and at the end her little grandaughter was like I just feel so good about this plan and everything that you guys have taught I know that it has to be true!!  She wants to get baptized and also Hna. Dunya was really into it as well and we actually had a sweet lesson on Sunday with her with a member and the spirit was there and I know shes gonna get baptized here soon in the future!!  All the little kids gave me a big group hug for my birthday and it was really cool spending time with them!  We went to Rancho Carne after that!!  A nicer restaurant here in Villanueva and went with all my buddies from the zone!!  It was so fun!! We got some ribs and platanos and it was some pretty good food!! They had some dang good sauce!  Then once we left the restaurant we crossed the street and everyone gathered around me!  I knew something was up and was checking their hands to see if they had anything but I couldnt spot anything and then they all pulled eggs out of no where and egged me and smashed them on my head as tradition here in Honduras for birthdays!! So crazy and it smelt so bad haha!  Super funny though!!  Such a good birthday!!
I have officially been egged!

Saturday we had a sweet soccer game scheduled with the Dad of Allan!  It was sweet!  Like 6 random kids showed up and we played against them on a little field outside of Allans house!  It was tons of fun and then after we asked them if they would be interested in hearing a message about Jesus and they all said ya but they just gotta get permission from their parents!!  So that was sweet!  Also I was thinking that were gonna start an english class every saturday night or something like that with all the kids where we live, cause im constantly getting asked if I can teach some kids english so were gonna start a class and hopefully that will get us more people to teach as a result!!  Hopefully everything goes well with that!!

My birthday cake!

Frosting fight- so fun!
Monday we went to a members house to eat dinner and she made some good rice for us and she also got me a birthday cake!!  It was so nice of her!!  So we had a sweet birthday celebration and I had to take a little bite of the cake and they shoved my face in the cake pretty good!  Reminded me of home haha!  And then we had the biggest frosting fight ever!!  I wiped some on the 2 littler kids and then they tried to get me back and then everyone got in the frosting fight and we got it all over eachother!! It was so fun!  

Anyway it was a great week!  I love you all and miss you tons!!  Thanks for all your prayers always and your love!!  Have a great week!!

Love Elder Haden

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