Saturday, June 6, 2015

WEEK #43 It's June

Kissing a crocodile!
Hey everybody!!  Its already June!!  My birthday is this Thursday haha finally hitting 19!  Gonna be a wii bit diferent without the fam but we got a sweet dinner planned at Rancho Carne that night!  Hopefully its some good food!  Today was sweet!!  We went to the Cocodrilera or the Crocodile Farm and saw some sweet crocodiles!!  There were lots of different fenced off sections where we couldnt see any cause they were hidden in the filthy green water so we had some fun throwing some rocks and sticks trying to see where the Crocodile would pop out!!  It was legit!!  We also saw a couple of crocodiles fight and one of them bit the other bien duro and  it started bleeding!  It was crazy!  We even got to hold some little guys and there was also some monkeys and lions there to see too!  Super cool!  We also went into this fenced off area with the owner and it was pretty crazy cause there was a crocodile hidden in the water  that was 118 years old and 5 meters long!  The biggest one and he grabbed a stick and started hitting the water to get it to react!  I guess it was blind so he said we were fine to be in there as it was too old to come out and get us!  Pretty  cool though being that close to a Cocodrilo that was born in 1897!!

This week was alright!!  Kind of got bummed out yesterday cause one of the super pilas investigators that we found completely ditched us and I really thought he was going to progress so good!  Guess its not his time though!  His family completely ignored us and he hid outside back door and they said he wasnt there haha so that wasnt the funnest!

Going to miss this boy on his birthday!
We had some really good progress with some investigators we have this week though!!  Allan and his little brothers are progressing really good and so is Dunya the daughter of Isidra and her little grandaughters who are 9 and 10 came to church this week too!!  So were gonna keep working hard with them and hope for the best!!  Keep praying for us and this area please!! We need all the prayers and blessings we can get to get this area going!!

Wednesday we tried making some baleadas in the night time being as we didnt have dinner and we even bought the easy gold star pre made flour to do it and we added too much water and so we had to improvise and put some of my pancake mix in and well they didnt turn out the best to say the least haha.  Pancake baleadas just dont do it haha so were definitely gonna have to try a round 2 and learn how to make these things good so I can make them for you all when I get home!!

Saturday was a funny day!!  We went and did service and helped one of our investigators build his house that hes making for his daughter!  It was probably one of the ghettoest house constructions Ive ever helped with as we were just putting random pieces of wood wherever they would fit and it was all just random nailing stuff in trying not to leave holes where people could see into the house!!  They were super happy none the less to be recieving so muc help from 4 of us missionaries and it definitely put out a good reputation for us out their in El Chorizo (the sausage) haha.  

They also gave us some drinks for helping them out, but these drinks looked everything but sanitary!  Elder Oxborrow and I didnt know what to do cause we definitley didnt want to drink these drinks but we didnt want them to see us pour them out so Elder Oxborrow tried to pour it out as he was trying to make it look like he was drinking it and he was pouring it out over his back and it all landed on his jeans he was wearing and got all over him!  He was trying to be clever and made a mess haha it was so funny good thing no one saw!  I managed to pour mine out as I was bending over to pick up a soccer ball and spilt it all out as I was picking the ball up!!  Pretty funny!

Also the other missionaries had a baptism this week and it went really well!  Everything was going perfect and the spirit was there!  They both got baptized the son and the father and then while they were all getting dressed to come back in the bishop was trying to play a mormom message.  He accidently clicked on the wrong file though and on the screen appeared Pink singing So What!?  Her music video hahahaha!  It was so hilarious and he quickly hurried and got out of there and switched it to the video!  He was like and thats the opposite of what we were looking for sorry about that!  hahaha

Anyway it was a funny week and I hope things go well this next week too and that the people we have can receive answers to their prayers!!  Keep praying for them!!  I sure miss all of you tons and I hope you all know how much I love you!  Hard to express it over an email!  Anyways love you guys and have a great week!!  Enjoy your first weeks of summer for me and get out and go boating for me too!  

Love Elder Hunt

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