Monday, July 27, 2015

WEEK #46 Service!!

Hey everyone!!  Hope your having a great summer there in Utah!!  Hope your all doing some fun stuff and getting out of the house and getting out in the sun!  I met this cool guy from Utah today whos from Salt Lake and he showe me his new Iphone 6 plus and it looked so cool and it was good to hear about Utah and all the crazy weather that you guys had in April like a snow blizzard and such.  Things are going pretty good here though in the mish!

I honestly frogot my planner today so its kind of hard to remember exactly what happened this week, but we got the English classes started this week!!  They were pretty good!  I honestly forgot how hard it is to learn a new language and felt for these people that couldnt get the alphabet down. haha but it takes time obviously and hopefully they like these classes that we are giving!  The first class on Monday was a pretty good turn out cause we had a white board and everyone was interacting alright!  The second class we didnt have the whiteboard cause the people werent home and it as a lot more difficult being as no one could write stuff down as easy.  But it was a pretty good turn out all and all and hopefully we can get more people there and learn how to make the classes funner everytime and be better teachers for these people!!  Gotta love how my investigator Johan whos 14 knows all the english swear words and when he couldnt get something theyd all come out of his mouth. haha good thing the others dont know those!!

Friday was a sweet day!!  Did some divisions with my boy Elder Oxborrow and we killed it!!  We worked in his area and taught some sweet lessons, met some sweet people and found a golden investigator!!  Honestly one of the coolest experiences Ive had on my mission!  We were walking down the street and were just looking for opportunities to serve people and we saw this guy shoveling dirt so we were like lets go help this guy!  So we went over there and asked if we could help and helped this dude out!  He was extremely grateful for the help and we told him we love giving a helping hand when we can.  Then we told him that we are actually missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ and he was like so whats your message for us today and I said well service!  Then we kept on talking with him and actually found out that he had worked for the church earlier helping with construction of like 10 churches but had never met with missionaries before.  Then he said Im ready to listen though.  So that was super cool to hear and then what even suprised us more is that he told us that that morning he had been having a very difficulty day and had prayed to God for the first time in a long time for some help and here we came later in the day to help him.  He told us that we were literally the answer to his prayers and that he knew that he had to make some changes in his life and wanted to start by coming to church with us tomorrow!  So that was so cool to be an answer to someones prayer that drastically!!  Such a spiritual experience!!  Being led by the spirit!!  He and is wife came to church the next day and had lots of questions!  Hopefully Elder Oxborrow and Ochoa can progress with them this week!!  

Also Friday my comp went with Ochoa to our investigators!  They set some baptism dates with Allan and Noe and Johan for the 27th!!  So everyone please pray for them that they will be able to do everything to take this important first step in this life this Saturday!!  Weve been working with them for a while and they all have testimonies of this restored gospel and are trying so hard to have this change in their life!!  I hope everything goes well with them!!

Anyway thats all I can think of for right now and hope lots of good stuff happens this week!!  I love you all and have a great week!!

Love Elder Hunt

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