Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WEEK #50 Joya Grande

A fun P Day!
Well it was a good week!  Got some good stuff done!  Pretty hot this week though, but saw some cool storms as well and had to plan by candle light one night.. closest thing we get to romantic here in the mish lol.  Today we went to the zoo called Joya Grande and it was really cool and flippin huge!!  I was very suprised to see such a nice zoo here in Honduras.  It was clear up in the middle of nowhere too in the mountains and I saw some pine trees.  Seeing a deer might have been my favorite thing!  Been a while.  We also explored this cave and didnt have any flashlights or anything so we were using the flash of our cameras and walking blind.  I have a sick pick of what we didnt see haha perfect timing!

I had to go to San Pedro this Wednesday to get a nail taken care of.  My same one that got ingrown in Santa Barbara grew back bad so I had to get it out again!  So we went to the clinic and got there at 4 but the doctor had already left even though he wasnt supposed til 430 so we ended up staying the night in San Pedro with the APs and Secretaries!  It was pretty fun chilling in their house!  Its so huge!  Felt good to get out of my clastrophobic house into a nice big open house!! They also had a guitar so that was fun jamming with them!  Then the next morning we went to the Doctors and got my nail cut out!  Gotta love injections in your toe they feel so weird.  

Crazy bat!
Anways had to take a little break on Thursday cause your not supposed to walk on your nail the day of the surgery!  We started a movie night at the church and watched the minions.  It was pretty cool and all in Spanish which was pretty funny.  Had some investigators show up though which was good!  Also we had a sweet lesson and put dates with a family this week!  The children all said yes and we set dates for the 2nd!  The mom and dad still got to get married or split but the mom was crying and told us that she was ready to make this change in her life!  It was so cool and it was one of those moments I felt close to Christ seeing her see more light in her future through his gospel!

Anyways good week all and all!  Didnt have the good dats at church like we did last week, but I finally got this one little kid to show up by promising him a box of cookies!  Definitely worth it!  Anyways love you all and miss you tons!!  Keep having a great summer!

Love Elder Hunt

P.S. guess we didnt know these little guys were swooping right past us!

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