Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WEEK #51 The Hump

Inline image 2Hey guys!  Hit the year mark this week!!  Crazy to think its already been a year!!  Crazy to me to imagine being in the MTC a whole year ago and with my Distrito David and all the bros from the MTC, not knowing Spanish and just trying to go with the flow learning everything!  Crazy to think that I havent seen any of you for a whole year.  Crazy to think about that vivid experience leaving all the buddies, my home, my family at the airport and leaving behind everything that I ever knew or loved and heading out into the unknown not knowing what to expect.  Well I dont think anyone could of ever told me what to expect.  But I can tell you one thing, that when I entered that plane heading for Guatemala on the 23rd of July last year, that was the best step Ive ever taken in my life.  I took a step into the dark and as a result recieved more light than I ever thought possible.  The miracles Ive seen, the experiences that Ive had, the Joy that Ive experienced representing Jesus Christ and preaching his gospel have been undescribable and I wouldnt trade them for anything.  Im not gonna lie , its hard being a missionary.  But as Ive done it and am doing it, Ive come and coming to know more about my Savior Jesus Christ.  The path he walked wasnt easy by any means.  But what he did enables happiness for everyone that has ever lived!  And thats why its so great being a missionary!  Helping people to be able to come to know their Savior Jesus Christ and sharing his gopsel which enables us to be happy not only for this life but for forever!!  

So Tuesday I had a sweet interview with the Mission President!  That man is just so inspired always and always helps me so much!!  I honestly have the best Mission President in the world!  and his wife makes the best peanutbutter chocolate fudge brownies in the world as well!  Very blessed to have them as my Presidents!!  Wednesday I gave our convert Johan a prayer rock to remind him to pray and it was funny when we came back Saturday and him telling me just how many times hes stubbed his toe on that rock, but that  its working!  Its a pretty big rock!  On Thursday we had a sweet lesson with our investigator Wendy and she had actually read the Book of Mormon for like 3 hours and prayed about it and she told us that right before saying amen that she felt chills run all up and down her body and her heart was burning too!  It scared her a little she said but we told her that that was a definite answer from God confirming the truth of our message and of the Book of Mormon!!  We challenged her to be baptized and she said yes!!  Just gotta get married!!  On Friday we visited Noblia, Mirari, Jessica, and Oscar!  It went well but the both of them got half their heads shaved like Miley Cyrus or Rihanna and well there mom was real mad about that and its not good cause they look like some girls from a gang now.  They also didnt want to come to church with their hair like this.  So definitely a bummer there.  But theres hope for them!!  They read everything we leave and really have been learning really well!!  There little brother Oscar is such a stud though and is getting baptized this next Sunday!!  He honestly reminds me of my cousing Hunter Shaw with his voice and everything!!  Such a special kid, he like the Nephi in his family!  He understands everything so clearly and perfectly and is always striving to do the right and this Sunday he didnt even have a ride or anything to get to church but he just started walking and found a ride there!!  We also have Dunya who is the daughter of Isidra who is a recent convert!!  We taught her about temples this week and both her and Isidra are so excited to be able to do the work for their ancestors!  Really been cool to see her progress and come to know this truth!

Im super stoked about this next week!!  Were gonna be having the baptisms of Dunya and Oscar!!  So excited for them and to see them take this step in their life!!  They are both so amazing and Im so happy that weve been able to help them get to this point in their lives!!  They are both so pilas and ready!!  Im just very grateful to be a missionary here in Honduras and feel so blessed always.  I love you guys so much and hope your all enjoying life right now!!  Have a fun week!!

Love Elder Hunt

P.S. Shout out to my buddy Tanner Davison for getting his call to Brazil!!  Stoked for you man!!

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