Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hey everybody!!  Good to hear from alot of you this week!  Always love hearing whats going on at home!  Sounds like your all having a great summer though and doing great!!  Things are going pretty good here in Brisas!  We finally were able to see this week the results of our work!  We were able to get a lot of the people or are mains to church this week and they all loved it and had a great experience!!  Today was chill and we went to San Pedro Sula to do some shopping and look at some cameras and we went to this sweet Nike shop too that was legit!  Also best part of today was definitely the burger I had at T.G.I. Fridays!  Probably the most expensive meal Ive bought here in Honduras but worth every penny!  Got me pretty baggy for the states though being there as everything is Americanized if thats a word haha.  So delicious though and the lemonade too wow!!

So Tuesday I had divisions with my DL and it was super chill!  First time getting out of my area in 4 months and it was great being able to see other people and help other people away from my area!!  Our DL is super legit from El Salvador and we were talking loads about Lifting and all that good stuff!  Hes probably one of the most legit Latinos ive met here in the mish!  Funny story with him as we were walking down the road this drunk guy was trying to get us to stop and we were like if you wanna talk come here and so he was riding his bike and couldnt stay up and like ran into Elder Colindres twice and we were just laughing our heads off as it was raining a little too!  Had a good time with him and the other guys in La Victoria!!

The rest of the week was pretty chill.  My comp is getting lazy on me and is ready to go home is what hes telling me!  I sure hope my next comp is just ready to tear it up.  But we went out early in the morning to pick up our investigators before church which starts at 8 and so we got up at 6 and went out and all the investigators that we went to pick up that had promised us to go were either still sleeping and the other had to go bring firewoood from the mountain but promised us again hed go the next week for sure!!  The good news though is that all the other investigators were able to make it with out us going to pick them up!!  We had 4 in church was is a record for here!!  We could definitely be seeing 3 baptisms before i leave this change!!  I sure hope they keep coming!!  They all loved it and had a good experience in the church and we have dates for 3 of them!!  So keep praying for our sucess here and that the people can be motivated to change their lives and have greater faith!!  Will keep working harder!

Anyways thats all I can really think of for this week I forgot my planner again so its hard to think of everything!  Ill bring it next week!!  Nothing better than doing the Lords work though even if its hard at times!!  Im grateful to be a missionary out here in Honduras teaching Gods children!!

Love you all! and Miss you tons!  Have a great week!!

Love Elder Haden

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