Monday, July 27, 2015

WEEK #48 Happy 4th of July

A little pest control!
Hey whats up everybody!!  Hope your 4th of July was sweet and that you all had a great time barbacuing and shooting of fireworks!!  This is probably the first year in my whole life when I didnt see one firework go off on the 4th haha.  Maybe on September 15th though when its Independence Day here!  Ill be repping my Honduras tie for sure!

So not a lot happened this week.  I had divisions with our ZL on Tuesday and that was pretty chill and fun.  I learned a lot from him and we had a good time and got some good work in and even placed a date for one of our investigators Dunya!

On Wednesday I had to go to migration to get my Honduras residence card cause I think ive been here illegal for a little or as they say mojado!  But its all good now cause im getting my residence card which means ive been here for a while.. which reminds me that this day next year July 6th Ill be coming home haha I definitely got a lot of work to do in 1 short year!!

Then Friday was my comps birthday and we went to Dunk N Donuts to have a little celebration in the morning and then he was pretty sick the rest of the day and we just went to the house to let him rest.  Then Saturday he got better and I started getting sick and I was down Sunday with the same stuff.  A little fever, sore throat, pain in my body, and kind of like allergy systems as well.  But it went away this morning and were both feeling good to work hard this week!

This Saturday the other Elders had a baptism and it was a pretty cool thing to see.  This guy was a raging alcoholic before and his life was a mess and his family was falling away from him.  But the Elders showed up at his door one day as a reference from a member and started helping him and little by little he gave up the alcohol and the cofee and his life got changed around.  A complete 180.  So cool to see and to hear how his family is coming back to him and how this gospel has changed his life.  Anyways love you guys and miss you tons!  Keep having a great summer!

Love Elder Hunt

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